Social listening for the royal baby was done with social monitoring and social media marketing software Meltwater Buzz. Social listening illustrated that the #1 guess for royal baby names was George. Well done, internet denizens!

Pop the champagne: it’s a boy!  And his name is George Alexander Louis!  And who’d have thought it?

Well, actually, we know the answer to that question: only 42% of you guessed “boy,” according to the social listening that we did with our social monitoring tool, Meltwater Buzz.

But insofar as the great naming debate, social media got it right.  George was the #1 guess on boy names, with Alexander not too terribly far behind.  Good show, Twitterati.

What’s in a name?  Social listening across the world.

The UK led the way on the most buzz on the Great Naming Debate, followed closely by the US (the Americans being very keen on a Diana tribute if the baby had been a girl).

Across social media, there were some pretty interesting guesses.  One popular mention was the tongue in cheek “Tyler” (referencing the recent comments on This Morning by Kate Hopkins), and folks were also quick to suggest “South” as a response to Kayne West and Kim Kardashian’s baby name choice “North.”  Most of the buzz, however, still favours the traditional British moniker: George, James and Spencer were the winners for the boys, the last being the Diana tribute vote.

“Kong” was also mentioned, but sadly, King Kong is not to be.

David Beckham managed to create a stir suggesting the baby should be named after him, which actually has generated enough support to push “David” to the number 3 choice on social.  Apparently he can bend social media to his will as though it were a football.  Well done, sir.

One of the most amusing trends that we found in social listening was the prevalence of  “Weasley,” referencing the Harry Potter quote “Weasley for king,” seeing as how the royals have their fair share of redheads in the bunch.  Whether the fuzzy-headed heir will take after his Uncle Harry has yet to be determined, but with wagers moving from naming to who’s publishing the first photos, it’s fair to assume that we’ll know soon enough.