Moving from silo measurement to 360° measurement

Do you use one metric to measure your PR performance, social volume, engagement and web traffic? Today, using a variety of techniques from a variety of sources can leave you with lots of data, but with no real value, meaning or insights to build an effective PR strategy.

Moving to 360° measurement ensures you don’t miss a thing – giving you access to everything in the one place at the one time.

With a cohesive measurement framework, you can quantify the efforts of your campaign across multiple platforms – making it easier to track activity, measure success and ultimately report return on investment.

What is silo measurement?

Silo measurement looks at the different elements of PR in isolation. This means campaign reach, media coverage, share-of-voice and social media marketing are all measured individually rather than as a group within a unified framework.

As a result, silo measurement often results in numerous collections of meaningless data – failing to provide us with a holistic view of our audience, competitors, social activity and overall campaign achievements. Also, when results are siloed from each other, it can make report writing difficult, time-consuming and confusing.

What is 360° measurement?

In stark contrast, 360° measurement collects all of your data in the one place – providing you with real-time information and insights about your campaign and audience engagement.

Whether it’s media coverage, social volume, share-of-voice, web traffic or sponsored material, a cohesive measurement framework will give you a 360° view of your brand’s presence on and offline – ensuring you never miss an opportunity for exposure, or cause a crisis that could damage your reputation.

It’s also easier on your PR team, who will be able to track their own activity as well as others at the same time. This will ensure they never approach the same journalist with the same story more than once, or double-up on delivering social media content to consumers.

Making the move

Making the move to 360° measurement is simple with monitoring software services like Meltwater. With an easy-to-use interface, a clear representation of your data in real-time, and all your campaign results in the one place – gathering insights to inform strategy and prove ROI has never been easier. With Meltwater, you can also stay on top of billions of real-time editorial, blog and social media conversations and drive positive brand perceptions for your enterprise.

With a 360° view, you’ll be able to prove the value of your work to the C-suite with ease, and fast-track those time-consuming, mundane monitoring and reporting tasks – leaving you with more time to create meaningful content, drive sales, build valuable relationships with clients and consumers, and make a profit for your enterprise.

About the author:

Mimrah Mahmood is the Asia-Pacific Regional Director of Media Solutions at Meltwater, where he helps numerous organisations break down media data (social, print and other), to create meaningful insights; build progressive and scientific frameworks to track efforts in PR and marketing; build road-maps to improve communications plans; and identify opportunities and threats that arise from competitors. As a leader within a multi-award winning company, Mimrah is a proud advocate of better measurement practices in PR, Brand and Strategic Communications. You can connect with Mimrah on LinkedIn

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