From October 2016, Meltwater customers can now receive push notifications from Meltwater Mobile iOS and Android apps. Here’s the details of this latest feature which enable our users to receive instant alert on the go!

Set Up Instant Notifications via Push Notification

After downloading and logging into the mobile app, you can configure push notifications by going to the Settings page and clicking on ‘Instant Notifications’ on the top of the page.


On the Instant Notifications page, users can:

  • Instant Notifications On/Off per Search: Turn on instant notifications on a per search basis for their personal account (News, Social, Broadcast, and/or RSS)
  • Disable/Enable Instant Notifications: Disable all instant notifications from being pushed to their phone while not losing their individual instant notification search settings. This setting can remain disabled for any amount of time and is useful for traveling or if the user simply wants to switch off instant notifications without losing the On/Off preferences they’ve spent time setting up.

With the instant notification feature, users will receive notices in ‘heads up’ mode or in the iOS/Android notification center will open the document in question over the relevant search.


With push notifications, users can now receive real time updates on their device wherever they are! To download the mobile app, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play!