Summer has come and almost gone. You worked hard all year round and at some point this summer you hopefully gave yourself holiday. But was your social media strategy as prepared for this well-deserved break as you were?

Don’t Leave Your Plants Unwatered, Your Pets Unfed, or Your Social Channels Untended

More than ever, community and social media managers know that there’s no on-off switch for social media. And “be back soon” just doesn’t cut it. The demand to be online constantly means that our social media channels must be managed carefully, even while we’re away. Here we list 5 lessons learned on how to enjoy an uninterrupted holiday while keeping your social strategy well cared for.

#1 Keep your social media strategy ticking over with a content calendar

Social content calendars are needed all year round. However, they become critical in helping us plan in advance and communicate expectations when we’re away. We recommend having a clear content calendar that takes into account major events that are happening during our absence. The calendar serves as an overview of concise deadlines as to when our content, including videos, images, and blog posts should be posted.

#2 Schedule your social posts

With a clear overview of the content we want to share with our audience while we’re away, it’s time to schedule our posts. After all, our followers shouldn’t be deprived of helpful content because we’re enjoying a Pina Colada in Marbella. Media monitoring tools like Meltwater’s allow us to schedule our post and make sure that we keep our followers well fed with good and engaging content so that we’re not in for a shock at the reduction of followers and likes when we arrive back on British soil.

#3 Set up your alerts

The nature of our 24/7 online lives is that we have limited control over what is posted about our brand or when. However, logging in every 5 minutes while at the beach just isn’t practical (or needed). Real-time alerts for important keywords will save us from the bother, while keeping us posted on the issues that truly deserve our attention.

#4 Engage in real time, even when you’re away

To ensure that we stay in control of our social strategy, we advise having a dedicated team member taking care of our social accounts while we’re away. It’s important that our replacement maintain the same style, for example the way that we address social messages, our tone of voice, the overall brand message and identity.

#5 Share a selfie, but don’t spam!

Social media means H2H (human 2 human)! There is no harm in sharing a picture or two of your drink by the pool or your stroll along the boulevard—provided that your communications style allows for that. This can keep followers connected and engaged while you’re away and is a great way to help humanise the brand. Needless to say, over sharing too much holiday spam or inappropriate images might be considered offensive and could lead to losing followers (and jobs). Don’t wait for you next holiday to lay the groundwork for uninterrupted social media activity!