Here are five phrases (think of them as ice breakers) that every CEO wants to hear us say:

1. “Based on reliable sources, we predict…”

The future of a company depends on its ability to anticipate and adapt to trends, something that a good media intelligence tool can easily find. Looking at historical data is like driving using only the rear view mirror. Real time data, however, lets us spot the opportunities coming our way.

2. “To quantify our achievements, we have…”

Before data science, it was difficult for marketers to quantify business output. We had to manually search for brand mentions, which was time consuming and unreliable. Now with help from media intelligence like those offered by Meltwater, we’re able to find how many brand hits were harvested at the simple click of a button.

3. “Let’s dive deeper into this number…”

Quantifying is great, but mixing numbers with in-depth qualitative insights is better! It’s all well and good reporting a 30% increase in mentions, but if this is the result of a crisis then this is not something to be bragging about. Sentiment analysis and the use of conversation clouds, allow us to identify key themes around our brand so that we can see if our messages have been accepted.

4. “To be successful in entering this region, we must…”

For those with their eye on lucrative overseas markets, it’s a good idea to start building relations with our local audience and press first. Media intelligence has allowed us to locate influencers chatting about relevant topics so that we can listen to what they value the most; we can then use this data to make informed strategic decisions.

5. “When compared to competition, our position is…”

There is no need to recruit spies to gain insights into the strategy of our competitors, data science has given birth to a totally new way of keeping tabs on them. For example, if we want to know their future product strategy plans, we can simply monitor information on patents filed or jobs titles they’re recruiting for!

And there we have it, five phrases that every CEO wants to hear us say!