Even the most experienced spokespeople get nervous when faced with a media interview. A fear of public speaking can jeopardise anyone’s ability to give solid, clear answers. And not knowing what will be asked—and how challenging the questions might get—can understandably make the jitters even worse.

A new media training infographic from PR veteran Elena Verlee and Udemy will help any spokesperson feel more confident before entering the uncertain situation that is a media interview. Have them review the 33 tips and they’ll feel more at ease.

Here are three takeaways for preparing before the media interview:

  1. Clarify the topic being discussed and make sure it’s one you or your spokesperson is familiar with and comfortable talking about. Rehearse the answers to frequently asked questions—most of the time they’re the same questions prospects or customers want answers to before doing business with your company. Be especially concise and clear when you’re asked what you do.
  2. Spokespersons should research competitor news as well as their own company. Being able to bring up a few key trends in your industry can help give color to the story at hand. It will also help the reporter understand the bigger picture—making for a more interesting conversation.
  3. When communicating key messages, analogies, such as “It’s like when…” make it easier to remember. Statistics also help frame key messages. They will round out the picture and give a real-world context to your story. Have a few stats handy. These could include the size of the overall market, the slice of the market your spokesperson is going after, customer demographics and what influences them, or trends and survey research.

The infographic also tackles how to handle difficult questions during the interview and how to keep building a relationship with the reporter after the interview. Check it out below.

Media Interview Checklist