Rentokil, a world-known pest control service founded in 1925, are one of, if not the largest pest service in the UK. Rentokil use Meltwater to track and monitor news exposure about the brand.

Biting Back At Bugs

In August 2013, Rentokil launched their “Pestaurant” campaign at One New Change in London, after a great success, Rentokil announced their “Global Pestaurant Day” on June 4th 2014. Rentokil had planned 11 pop-up shops worldwide to showcase their “pest” restaurant; where they were serving pigeon burgers, scorpion lollipops and all sorts of gory insect ridden foods. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of the Rentokil brand and to position Rentokil at the top of the pest control businesses locally and globally.
60 days prior to the event Rentokil began promoting Pestaurant. By using Meltwater Buzz and News Rentokil were able to track and monitor all information throughout the campaign, from the release date to the launch to the aftermath. A record amount of 13,300 people attended the Pestaurant event worldwide. Monitoring news coverage and social media allowed for Rentokil to track where the news was being picked up and how using social media helped them to create such a large amount of attention which lead to the news coverage being blown out of the water as well as some big names on social media mentioning the campaign such as USA today and Johnny Vegas. Malcom Padley, Corporate Communications manager in the UK stated that “We are a people business and this campaign made us connect with local communities”

Worldwide Impact

By using Meltwater News, Rentokil were able to track the coverage the company and campaign were receiving worldwide. With 848 online news articles published regarding the event, the peak of the coverage was on the launch date, June 4th 2014. News allowed for Rentokil to make sure all the right publications were receiving the information regarding their campaign and the right target audience were seeing the articles.

Using Social Media to increase Brand Awareness

“We were using internal social media to create buzz” claimed Padley. Social Media had a great impact on the campaign, with over 3,000 tweets in total, 1,184 of which were on the launch date. By using Buzz, Rentokil were able to see how successful their campaign had been going, with the large amount of mentions and engagement on social media, it was clear to see the event went well. Caroline Myyton, Marketing Director followed on by saying – “Facebook was the forum that really drove the numbers. We posted 96 posts pre, during and after the event.”