A full-service social media agency, Fifty & Five has successfully delivered social media ROI to clients across a multitude of industries by blending two key ingredients: the art of storytelling and the science of data. Founded in 2009, the agency now works with over 30 clients from industries including technology, automotive, insurance, cable television and entertainment.

« There is an art to social media and to telling great stories, but there is also this science. There is all this great data that we can utilize to know who to connect with, when to connect with them…I think the difference with our agency is that we are connecting with the right people and blending that science with great storytelling,” explains Lucas Vandenberg, Founder and CEO of Fifty & Five.

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Social Media Monitoring Critical to Identifying Key Influencers

The need for great data led Lucas and Fifty & Five to partner with Meltwater and their social media marketing suite. By using the Meltwater services, Fifty & Five is able to find the right people to share their compelling content with and by doing so are able to cultivate vibrant social communities on behalf of their clients.

« One of the best things about the product is that we can quickly sort through thousands of messages a day and find those top influencers that we want to engage with on a daily basis… I think that may be the absolute biggest advantage for us, being able to find those people really efficiently and effectively,” says Lucas Vandenberg.

Connecting with the right influencers is crucial for Lucas and Fifty & Five in order to develop the type of engagement they want from their clients’ social communities.

« We really focus on engagement metrics because it is extremely important that there is a back and forth with clients in social media, it is not just about advertising…for us engagement is so important because it’s social media, you have to be social in social media. To be successful you want to engaging with people on a daily basis to help build this loyal community of fans and followers. »

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Game Show Network Ups Ratings for their TV show ‘The American Bible Challenge’ Using Social Media

One example of Fifty & Five’s success in social media was their work with the Game Show Network. Looking to increase ratings for their popular TV show ‘The American Bible Challenge,’ the Game Show Network turned to Lucas and Fifty & Five to help with the last four weeks of the show’s second season.

The agency responded by launching a social media campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest focused around the TV show’s social communities and those surrounding their popular hosts, Jeff Foxworthy and Kirk Franklin. Within those communities they found the right influencers for the show’s target demographic and looked to cultivate engagement to increase ratings. The strategy led to big results.

“The overall business results for the Game Show Network and our work with them was absolutely amazing. In the first week we saw an 11% jump in overall ratings, which is a huge jump in their space…and in the finale they saw a 25% increase. The biggest difference-maker was that we were doing social media well,” describes Lucas Vandenberg.

Using Meltwater to find the right influencers was a major part of why the campaign was such a success. “Our methods with the Game Show Network were so successful because we were able to find the right influencers and really blend that science of social media with great storytelling…we used Meltwater to find the right people to connect with,” explains Lucas Vandenberg.

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Italian Wine Brand MezzaCorona Becomes One of the Top 2 Wine Brands In Social Media and Tackles the U.S. Market

Another example of Fifty & Five’s success in social media was their work with MezzaCorona, a wine brand from Italy known for its Pinot Grigio. The wine company hired Fifty & Five to help them build brand awareness and buzz in the U.S. market from scratch using just social media.

“The biggest challenge with MezzaCorona was that they literally had no presence in social media and very little presence in the U.S…In order to tackle this we had to find the right people to connect with. So we identified the top 600-700 wine bloggers in the U.S. alone, which allowed us to systematically go after those wine bloggers to build and amplify MezzaCorona’s messaging through social media,” describes Lucas Vandenberg.

Their strategy ended up growing MezzaCorona’s social media community dramatically in a very short time. By focusing on connecting with the right influencers and sharing compelling content, MezzaCorona has become one of the largest wine brands in social media globally, based on a number of social media metrics. They are now in the ranks of wine companies much larger like Robert Mondavi and Gallo Family Wines.

“When we started they had about 500 Facebook fans. Now they’ve grown to one of the top 2 wine brands in social media globally…Our connections with real influencers, especially on Twitter, created so much user-generated content.”

Their success in building the brand in social has also led to direct ROI in sales. “MezzaCorona has had a really successful year. They’ve not only built their brand presence within social media but they’ve seen double digit growth in case sales. They are at around 22% growth over last year and the only thing they did different is social media and some advertising in the U.S.,” explains Lucas Vandenberg.

[customer_about title= »About Fifty & Five » content= »Fifty & Five is a full-service social media agency with a passion for creating memorable conversations between brands and their consumers. Based in Redondo Beach, California, Fifty & Five was born in 2009 on a couch at a local South Bay Starbucks.

From its entrepreneurial beginnings, Fifty & Five has evolved into a team of passionate creatives, writers, and analysts, using real-time communication to deliver real-world results.

Their account managers and leadership team bring decades of experience in dozens of industries including: Retail, Automotive, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Consumer Packaged Goods, Wine & Spirits, Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals, Film & Entertainment, Financial and many more. »]