Hillamari Lautala, M.Sc. (Marketing)
Managing Director | Client Acquisition

This article was first published in KY Career Catalogue 2018.

At the time I applied for a role with Meltwater, I was working in marketing and longed for more solid evidence of the footprint of my work. I found sales, with its direct influence on a company’s turnover, to be what I was looking for. I also wanted to learn about influencing and leading people, so I felt that a career at Meltwater would develop me as a person and a leader. Although I wasn’t particularly familiar with the company beforehand, I remember the group interview, getting excited about the company and especially the people that worked there. The presence, energy and positive can-do attitude that was transmitted throughout the recruiting process, caught my attention. Now, looking back at the past five years, it’s been an amazing journey. I have achieved things I couldn’t imagine and gotten a significantly more comprehensive picture of the Finnish business landscape, SaaS- industry and a diverse understanding of my own strengths and areas of development.

The culture at Meltwater is unique. While striving for our goals we do it with respect towards others and while having fun. We get to experience both achievements and disappointments together. One of the best things in my role is seeing the members of my team grow and succeed. Every time we reach our goals, we do something fun to celebrate the team.

Nevertheless, we are supportive when someone falls through, challenges are merely an opportunity to learn and develop. I believe that each individual influence our culture with their own input. In the end, there are few things an individual can’t influence with their own attitude and drive. This is one of the important things I have learned and witnessed working at Meltwater.

Most of my work experience prior to Meltwater is from marketing. Marketing background and genuine interest towards different businesses turned out to be useful in sales meetings with clients – ability to share thoughts and tips concerning their marketing-associated challenges. In my opinion, diverse knowledge and consistent curiosity towards business life are directly linked to developing business acumen. In addition, my past in competing in equestrian sports on national level has been useful, it has taught me long term goal-orientation, perseverance and high work ethic.

When looking for a role, it pays off to be proactive and apply to companies that interest you, even though they wouldn’t have open positions at the moment. When preparing your application, remember to emphasize why you are interested in that particular company and how your background, experience and personality suits the role you’re applying for.

Fifteen years into developing the world’s leading media intelligence platform, we’re still growing. If you’re as talented as we think you are, you’ll be a great fit. Here’s what we promise you.

    You’ll work alongside exceptional people, who want above all to succeed together. You’ll be inspired.
    You’ll have opportunities for growth and travel, so dream big. Our offices in 27 countries are open to developing and sharing talents.
    You’ll work with the world’s leading technology, the result of huge investments in R&D and brilliant thinking. Great ideas are welcome here.

We appreciate the desire to develop as a professional and our aim is to help you develop into a team leader within the first 12 to 18 months. During the last 10 years every key person in our business today has taken the same career development journey.

At Meltwater you get ownership of your work, you get to make decisions independently while working in a supportive team with great colleagues.

You become an expert in business development and the exponentially growing media intelligence industry, working closely with different sized businesses in different industry verticals.

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