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Meltwater’s Product Updates and Release Notes are designed to keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings within the platform. Each monthly breakdown provides a holistic overview of the latest features and functionality released in the platform.

Say hello to Meltwater. The only all in one PR and social platform.

Monitor the world’s largest news and social media database

Combining traditional news with social media from the likes of Facebook to TikTok, Meltwater helps you trace, anticipate, and make sense of today’s complex flow of information and stories.

Orchestrate your PR, social, and influencer marketing in one place

Meltwater helps you define your message, identify the channels and people to deliver that message, and then orchestrate your PR, social, and influencer campaigns in one place.

Measure your performance across earned, owned and paid media

Understand how your earned, owned, and paid efforts are performing so you can identify what is working and what is not.

October 2021

Schedule Instagram Stories in Advance


Introducing Monitor - A Dynamic View into Your Dynamic World


Be the first to know with Monitor, our multi-stream experience for consuming and acting upon content across news, social, and broadcast.

Post to LinkedIn on Behalf of Your C-Suite


You can now post on behalf of your C-level stakeholders through Meltwater Engage. According to LinkedIn, 67 percent of readers prefer thought leadership with an identifiable author, which outperforms curated content by 4.5X.

Start building trust by putting a face to your brand.

LinkedIn Logo

Drafts on Publish Calendar


Drafts now have the ability to appear on the Publish calendar, alongside your regularly scheduled content. Drafts are color coded yellow, and can easily be edited, assigned, or scheduled to publish, via the calendar.

Meltwater Screenshot Drafts in Engage

Subfilter by individual RSS feed


When using more than one RSS feed in Explore, you now have the ability to filter down to a specific RSS feed under the Source type filter, via subfiltering. This allows for targeted filtering of your results by individual RSS feed, rather than all collectively.

RSS logo

LinkedIn character limit increased to 3,000


The character count limit for LinkedIn posts published via Engage has more than doubled, to 3,000 characters. Use the expanded count for more long form, thought-leader content.

LinkedIn logo

LinkedIn Video Comments & Replies


Respond to and engage with all comments and replies on your LinkedIn video posts.

LinkedIn logo

Total engagements across all channels and day-to-day engagement volume broken down by each channel


Track social engagements on a holistic level, across all channel types, as well as track your engagement trend day to day, by channel.

Meltwater Total Engagements Metric

September 2021

More from Meltwater


Navigate directly to another Meltwater app, all within the same login session. No extra logins, passwords, or URLs needed.

Outreach attachment size increases

Media Relations

Attachment file size limits in Outreach have been increased. Individual attachment file size has increased to 10 MB, and the overall attachment limit on an outreach email has also increased to 10MB (sum of all attachments)!

Twitter Insights - New Gender Breakdown Widget


When reviewing results within the Twitter Insights tab in Explore, there is a new Gender Breakdown widget. This widget is based on tweets from authors for which we were able to infer gender, using their name. Tweets may not have a gender associated because personal info was unavailable or because it is an organization Twitter account without an associated gender. We currently do not have a way of identifying non-binary gender, so authors are identified as Male or Female.

Two new message types added in Conversations


You can now see recommendations of your brand on Facebook! These are listed as “recommendations for” as a positive review and ”recommendations against” as a negative review. Also, the new Brand Posts/Tweets type filter provides the ability to view brand published content directly in Conversations, allowing for post tagging and post level moderation.

Create and update Explore searches via the API


API users can now create and update Keyword, Boolean (advanced), or Combined searches directly via API calls.

August 2021

Microsoft Teams Integration

Smart Alerts

With the ability to push Alerts via a direct Microsoft Teams integration, your organization will receive your latest news alerts in the most modern and convenient way!

📰 Find out about news stories mentioning your company

📈 Learn about high-impact competitor events

💬 Collaborate with your team seamlessly

IGTV Insights In Analytics


IGTV Insights are now included in the Instagram Overview report template in Social Analytics. They will be included in all post-level data, as well as the Top Performing Posts.

New Message Types Added


  1. Two new message types have been added under the Types filter in conversations. Ad comments and Ad replies are new options for both Facebook and Instagram.
  2. As we expand available message types, we’ve added a new way to easily select them. The top option allows for bulk selection for all channels. Each channel also has a ‘Select All’ at the top of their section, for intra-channel bulk selections.

Edit Facebook video thumbnails and titles


You can now customize your Facebook video thumbnails prior to posting! Select from one of the five pre-populated images automatically selected from the first few frames of your video, or upload a custom thumbnail.

July 2021

Instagram Direct Messages for Web & Mobile


Instagram Direct Messages includes the ability to respond to Direct messages, Story replies, and Story mentions within Conversations.

Total Engagements Widget now available in Social Analytics


Total Engagements = The total number of times users liked, commented, and saved your posts. This includes organic activity only. Values are attributed to the post date.

Post Link Clicks Widget available in Social Analytics


Post Link Clicks Widget available for the LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook Overview Reports)

Facebook post clicks = The number of times that users clicked on the links within your posts during the reporting period. This includes both organic and paid activity.

LinkedIn post clicks = The number of times during the reporting period users clicked on the link, media, more icon in the top right corner, or organization page from your posts. This includes organic activity only.

Twitter post clicks = The number of times users clicked on the links within your posts during the reporting period. This includes both organic and paid activity.

24 hr Response Restriction to Facebook Private Messages Increased to 7 days


Users now have up to 7 days to respond to Facebook Private Messages across both the Web & Mobile App.

Export 20k Random Sample of Content


Researching large topics (COVID-19 vaccine, Tokyo Olympics Sentiment, Future of Cryptocurrency) pulls in a high volume of results. Being able to export a randomized sample of content, allows you to get a pulse on the conversation which will better inform you of key messages, sentiment, and media prominence to better refine and inform your research efforts.

Custom Categories


Utilize saved boolean queries as filters to narrow your search results for analysis and comparison. Custom Categories can be used wherever filters are available and can be applied across Keyword, Advanced and Combined searches.

June 2021

Facebook & Instagram Paid Performance Reporting


Introducing a new template to your owned social analytics-FB & IG Paid! This report allows you to analyze your paid performance across Instagram, Facebook and Messenger.

Approvals in the Mobile App


With the Engage Mobile App you can approve posts assigned to you while on the go. Under the My Tasks tab you can quickly see the posts awaiting your approval in one stream.

May 2021

'What’s New' Updates


With our latest update, it’s easier than ever to get instant access to your top mentions, all from a simple push notification. Get recommendations for top searches based on your past readership history, so you never miss an important article or social mention. Our mobile app is available in both the Google Play and Apple App store. Using your camera on your phone, scan the below QR code and download it today.

New Alerts Launched

Smart Alerts

Introducing two new alerts to the Smart Alert Library:

  1. Sentiment Shift: Understand the spikes and dips in your brand, industry and competitor’s tonality. Be alerted when a brand, topic or competitor experiences an increase in positive or negative sentiment compared to an average baseline.
  2. Every Mention: Get notified any time a new result populates for a specific search. Every Mention keeps you informed during times of crisis monitoring or when you need to follow a breaking and developing piece of content.

Bit.ly Integration for Publishing


Introducing our Bit.ly connection for a more elegant publishing experience in Meltwater Engage. Shortening links provides more manageable messaging and can help track and compile key insights around your audience and customers

Facebook & LinkedIn Audience Customization for Publishing


Introducing the ability to add Audience Restrictions to your Facebook and LinkedIn posts in Meltwater Engage. Users can now target their posts by age, country, region or city!

April 2021

Introducing System Alerts


System Alerts help notify you of when an action has been completed or when a task has been assigned to you. These alerts provide zero disruption to your workflow and will be the future of how you will be notified of generated reports being ready, accessing all downloads and more. Stay tuned for future alerts being added to our growing library!

Owned Facebook and Instagram Data available in results


Access your owned Facebook posts, comments and owned Instagram comments within your search results if you have both Meltwater Engage and social media monitoring within your account. By showcasing owned and earned data in a single search, you will be able to better understand the conversations happening around your brand and industry, and how your owned posts may be driving those conversations.

Introducing ‘Quick Picks’ for source selections


Pre-defined source selections specific to your region now available as a filter in Explore. Increase the relevance of your search by narrowing your results down by a specific geo and source type with a simple click!

Introducing 'Social Analytics'


'Social Analytics' allows you to measure your social channel performance individually or aggregate data from multiple profiles so you can report back on the success of your social media channels. All Meltwater Engage customers will find their saved reports and templates (formerly in Measure) now in Social Analytics under Analyze.

March 2021

New 'Account' Landing Page


The new ‘Account’ landing page provides a modern and organized overview of all things related to your account. Full account details are crisply outlined while all set-up components are readily available for user set-up, social connection management and more.

Instagram Competitive Benchmarking Launch


Compare your owned handles against those of your competitors or peers to assess overall audience growth, top performing posts, messaging effectiveness and more with Instagram competitive benchmarking!

Saved Responses in Conversations


Introducing the ability to save template responses in Conversations! Saved Responses allows teams to work more efficiently to reply to comments, replies and direct messages while maintaining a standardized voice for your audience, customers and followers.

February 2021

Slack Integration Launch

Smart Alerts

With the ability to push Alerts via a direct Slack integration, your organization will receive your latest news alerts in the most modern and convenient way!

Custom Date Range for Compare Searches


Sometimes you need to compare your brand’s coverage from two different date ranges, such as benchmarking your product launch from the summer against your competitors’ winter launch. With the ability to override the date for individual compare searches, you’ll be able to do proper comparison analysis regardless of the point in time.

Author Lists Now Available in Conversations


Author Lists are now a filter option for Conversations! By bringing in your Explore Author Lists, you will be able to connect the dots between owned Twitter content and authors on their lists mentioning them.

January 2021

Instagram First Comment in Publish


Maintaining a crisp clear caption is difficult to do with the additions of #hashtags in order to drive engagement and measure performance. With the ability to add the first comment directly in the Instagram Publisher, you’ll be able to retain the engagement benefits of adding #hashtags without cluttering the parent post.

New Simplified Boolean Operators


With a focus on ease of use, we are introducing seven simplified boolean operators and two NEW operators like sourceName to find documents from a specific editorial or social source and tweetId to quickly find a specific tweet within Meltwater.