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Meltwater helps university marketing and PR teams arm themselves with the intelligence they need to positively stand out in a crowded international marketplace, keep stakeholders informed, and attribute and consolidate insights across earned, owned, and paid channels.

 A cartoon illustration of a university's different departments. At the center of the illustration is a graduation cap with 4 classrooms surrounding it. Each of the different classrooms represent a distinct department within a university: laboratory, library, etc.

Why you need a solution designed specifically for Universities

We understand that universities are inherently different organizations that have their own unique goals and challenges, including:

  • Increasing funding
  • Securing high-profile rankings
  • Attracting students from international markets
  • Garnering recognition for being a subject matter expert
  • Attributing coverage to specific parts of the organization

Academic institutions have relied on Meltwater to help them reach their goals for more than 20 years. During this time, we've developed a deep knowledge of the space and created a media intelligence solution tailored to the objectives of universities.

Discover how Meltwater Can Help You Solve Unique University Challenges

Build your international presence to attract students around the world

Understand and engage in international markets
Track overseas brand engagement and use insights to make more informed decisions such as deciding which overseas markets need more of your attention or how to react if ever there is a local or international brand crisis.

Analyze stakeholder mentions
Understand which academics or departments are attracting students in target markets.

Keep tabs on the competition
Compare your media impact versus competitors and gain traction for your university across the channels and influencers discussing others in your space. Monitor competitor trending themes such as teaching quality, campus experience, sports, research, etc. to see what's driving conversations and resonating with audiences.

Monitor citations and alumni activity

Develop recognition for subject matter expertise
Analyze what's trending across the media and shape conversations by inserting and profiling experts as thought leaders on those topics. Improve media targeting by identifying relevant journalists and publications, then monitor their correspondence and use the stories journalists create for fundraising purposes.

Profile alumni
Alumni are the university's ambassadors to the world. Track their media footprint and highlight their accomplishments and achievements in your own communications.

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Keep stakeholders in the know

Amplify media coverage and build a positive reputation
Proactive, reactive, and internal communications are key. Keep donors and broader stakeholders informed through tools such as newsletters and newsfeeds that highlight business-critical media conversations concerning the university such as the results of research carried out within your establishment.

Justify your existence to senior management
Show your executive cabinet the impact of media efforts via presentation-ready reports and shareable dashboards.

Enhance community management
Use social media management tools to help staff and students engage seamlessly and enhance community management.

Radically simplify media attribution

Measure your dynamic organization
Universities have complex organizational structures, and success is measured in different ways across stakeholder groups. With Meltwater, you can create relevant media searches that measure varying KPIs across different faculties, departments, research institutes, and incubators to more easily distinguish and attribute coverage.

Automatically reflect organizational changes in media searches
Save time with media searches that automatically reflect organizational changes and institution updates, for example, if a new academic joins or a research center opens. This allows you to be confident that your searches are up to date.

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Consolidate insights across earned, owned and paid channels

Benefit from a 360-degree media intelligence partner who has the capabilities to support your digital transformation efforts including streamlining previously administrative processes such as media monitoring, social media community management, and divisional performance reporting.

Measure the interplay between messaging across multiple channels

Measure the impact of the content you publish online (owned media) on citations (earned media) and analyze how media citations impact media coverage, web traffic, and social media engagement

Establish a single source of truth

Gain a more holistic view of the true impact of marketing and communications. Visualize earned, owned, and paid channels from a centralized dashboard and determine which channels and messages were most effective.

Trusted by our clients


Florida International University LOGO

Elizabeth Marsh, Asst. Professor Advertising and PR - Florida International University

"I appreciate the ability to go back and check the mentions of brands and relevant news topics. This is something you can find only in Meltwater."

The Ohio State University LOGO

Dr. Annie Specht, Assistant Professor - The Ohio State University

"We saw great value in this social data and introduced the concept of social issue monitoring to other groups within OSU. The organization has now expanded social research to other departments and topics such as animal health and food waste. The great thing about the social web is that we’re not restrained to a set list of topics, so we can conduct research freely as new events arise."

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Giovana Genard, Assistant VP for Strategic Communication and Marketing - Old Dominion University

"Our goal is to better listen to our community and know what they care about. Using Meltwater not only keeps us informed, but it allows us to interject our thought leaders into the conversations where they can make the biggest positive impact for ODU."

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