Meltwater for Universities

Universities have been relying on Meltwater, and our platform, for more than 20 years. Our new University Solution has been designed uniquely to address the needs of marketing and communications professionals at universities, colleges, and other higher education institutions.

The solution's modular structure means you can customize the service to address your specific priorities and challenges. Explore each module within our University Solution:

A diagram showcasing Meltwater's University Solution and relevant modules
A screenshot of Meltwater's Organization Structure Module

Organization Structure Module

With multiple departments, colleges, institutes, incubators, and facility members, attributing media coverage to the correct part of the organization can be challenging for marketing and communication professionals.

Our Organization Structure Module was designed to navigate this complexity. By integrating data around your organizational structure into our platform, the media attribution process becomes radically simpler. Plus, the module updates automatically, so it doesn't become outdated as academics join or leave a department.

  • Measure impact at various levels of the university
  • Save time updating searches and be confident that they're up to date
A screenshot of Meltwater's Topic Analysis Module

Topic Analysis Module

Not sure how to identify the topics or themes driving coverage for you and your competitors?

Our Topic Analysis Module helps you uncover the prevalent themes in the coverage around you and your competitors — including international coverage. The advanced analytics in our University Solution help you analyze this information to better understand the opportunities and challenges facing your brand.

  • Discover content themes that are resonating most with your competitor’s audience
  • Compare the focus of coverage for each competitor to determine the dominant narratives, for example, Teaching Quality, Campus Experience, Sports, Research, Employment opportunities
A headshot of Giovanna Genard, Assistant VP for Strategic Communication and Marketing

Giovanna Genard, Assistant VP for Strategic Communication and Marketing

"Every week we review what's trending in the news, and then we find experts at the university who can speak on those topics and pair them with local media. We use those same trends to help us create video stories that we pitch to TVstations. And often they use our footage."

Owned Media Module

How do you measure the impact of owned media? Our Owned Media Module scans more than 3 million online news articles daily as well as millions of social media posts, so you know when content published by your university is referenced.

We also capture the impact of that article by measuring the resulting web traffic, media pickup, and social media engagement. Not only does this information help you demonstrate ROI, but it also helps you to prioritize what future content you should create. All of these mentions and analytics are displayed in a single, shareable dashboard.

A screenshot of Meltwater's Social Media Module

Social Media Module

With more channels than ever to monitor and engage with your community, reporting on your social media marketing activities requires a single source of truth. This module provides users with a single destination for reporting across all key social networks.

A screenshot of Meltwater's Citations Module

Citations Module

For Universities, academic citations play a critical role in driving funding, attracting students, and increasing industry engagement; but, measuring the interplay between media coverage and research citations is complicated. This module helps you analyze how research citations impact media coverage, web traffic, and social engagement in a single view.

A screenshot of Meltwater's Central Dashboard

Central Dashboard

The intuitive Central Dashboard for Universities provides a central destination that pulls key metrics/ insights from the modules that you have selected to address the specific challenges facing you and your stakeholders.

  • View the true impact of communications in one single place
  • Offer a single source of truth for your team 
  • Collaborate with stakeholders using this self-service dashboard

Higher Education Challenges that Meltwater Helps Support

Linking media coverage to the correct part of the organization

When coverage references a specific department / academic / research project, how do you capture that data?

Tracking a complex mix of KPIs across the organization

Success is measured in different ways across your stakeholder groups.

Choosing which stories to promote

With so many potentially newsworthy activities across the university, how do you decide which ones to prioritise?

Partnering with Academics

Many Academics recognise the value of their public profile and need help tracking their media engagement.

Standing out in an international marketplace

Developing and tracking your brand in overseas markets helps you attract international students.

Consolidating insights across multiple channels and tools

Universities have more channels to communicate through than ever.

Customize a solution that meets your specific needs. Want to discuss our University Solution further? Fill out the form, and we'll be in touch to arrange a consultation chat.