Crisis Communications

Understand the extent of a crisis as it unfolds across news and social media to respond in real-time.

Crisis Communications

Listen and Understand

See how a crisis is unfolding on the news, TV, radio, social media networks on a global scale in real-time. Set up tailored searches to match specific keywords and conduct instant analysis to learn who is driving the conversation. Understand the reach, narrative, and sentiment of the conversation to help determine how much a crisis is impacting your brand.

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Notifications and Alerts

With our mobile application, PR and Marketing teams are ready to monitor an impending crisis and respond immediately. Set up instant notifications to be alerted when there are updates and new stories. Plus, run ad-hoc searches as required.

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React and Respond

Search for relevant influencers and journalists and begin telling your side of the story either on social media or via our newswire distribution services. Communicate directly with journalists or your social community to ensure your messaging is on brand and you control the narrative as much as possible.

Our global footprint means you can engage influencers and journalists in a specific region to create a communications outreach that isolates the target market.

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Reports to Stakeholders

As a crisis plays out, keep stakeholders up to date with our Newsletters and shareable dashboards. Or, share our presentation-ready reports to debrief them on the ever-changing situation.

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