Competitive Intelligence

Stay informed about your competitors' strategies, customer perceptions, and rising trends in the industry to enable better decisions making.

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Understand Competitors

Enter the boardroom with an unbiased, comprehensive overview of your company's position against key competitors, beyond financial data. Discover leading indicators that can change the conversation and lead to better, more informed decisions.

Our unified monthly report for marketers provides a clear line of sight across all functions of the marketing department, from PR to paid advertising. Whether working with an agency partner or in-house teams, we provide a clear strategic overview to marketing leaders.

Signal Detection

AI-based analytics power instant notifications whenever something of strategic importance happens to the companies you are monitoring. Whether it’s staying up to date with competitors’ product launches, understanding the financial performance of a supplier, or knowing when a key executive departs from one of your customers, our signal detection will enable you to respond accordingly as events unfold in real-time.

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Digital Strategy

Evaluate the impact of your paid media and communications campaigns while also discovering how customers are responding to competitors' strategies. Analyze competitor advertising spend, search trends, and customer satisfaction.

See which keywords your competitors are bidding on, based on geographic location, to understand where they are hoping to gain momentum and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. Our reporting also provides information around metrics such as website traffic, app downloads, app ratings, to help you understand changes in customer interest or investment in marketing.

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