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Extract, contextualize and organize information from across the web via our APIs to gain a strategic overview of your business.

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Leverage the world’s largest corpus of news and social data to identify aggregate trends, deep-dive into how your brand is performing, or identify key movements in the market. With access to 1.3 trillion documents from 10 million sources in 17 NLP languages, your organization can achieve a truly global reach, extracting the most from the world’s data.

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Meltwater API

Gain a strategic overview of your business via APIs that blend internal and external data. The Meltwater API provides you with access to the largest corpus of news and social data in the world, including open web data, social channels, Wordpress and many more, so you can gain a greater analytical understanding of your customers and their markets.

Specifically designed for enterprise-level analytics, our data solution can be connected to all popular business intelligence tools for advanced analytics, or visually displayed in a brand command center.

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Commercial Applications

If you are an ISV building applications for commercial sale or use, our APIs deliver the data needed to power your software from a range of sources. Enriched in advance, we ensure your products are stable, and delivered with unparalleled data access and up-time.

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