Insights and workflows designed to empower your social media and digital marketing strategy.

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Social Listening

Access a flexible solution that allows you to monitor social media for relevant mentions so that you can stay ahead of the game—and your competition. With access to unlimited ad-hoc searches and no volume restrictions across more than 20 different channels (incl. Asian social networks), your social listening capabilities will be unmatched.


Social Media Management

Streamline your social media management workflow by scheduling, publishing, analyzing, and replying to social media posts across all your social channels through our unified social media solution. Our solutions scale to meet the needs of organizations large or small.


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Influencer Marketing

Identify influencers in the verticals that matter most to your brand, manage your influencer program, and analyze the results of your social influencer campaigns. Plus, access detailed information about each influencer's social footprint and the demographics of their followers.


Consumer & Audience Insights

Gather market intelligence around your brand and your customers. Our audience insights solution helps you understand your (or your competitor's) customer's online habits, interests, and demographics, allowing you to segment that audience into groups and target audiences with relevant content.


Competitor Benchmarking

Compare your performance against your competitors across a variety of data points. Track, monitor, and analyze metrics such as online ad spend and web traffic to that of your competitors. These insights can help you determine where your content is undervalued or underperforming so that you can adjust your content or advertising strategy accordingly.


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