Meltwater G2 Crowd Awards

G2 Crowd is the leading consumer opinion site for software and solutions. Real users have shared their feedback and the reviews are in! After analysing thousands of votes, discover why G2 Crowd users continuously vote Meltwater as a must-have PR and marketing solution.

Tried and Trusted Media Intelligence.

Companies around the world rely on Meltwater to give them the information advantage they need to stay ahead. Clients use our media intelligence to stay on top of billions of online conversations and extract relevant insights to strategically manage their brands. With nearly 20 years of experience analyzing data, Meltwater is dedicated to personal, global service built on the local expertise of 55 offices across six continents.

Wondering what makes Meltwater a must-have PR and marketing solution for over 30,000 companies? Well, G2 Crowd users pointed out:

  • The ease of use and reliability of our tools
  • The speed and power of the analysis provided
  • The high level of customer service provided

Check out our G2 Crowd Award history below!

An Overview of Meltwater G2 Crowd Awards

  • 2020 - Meltwater is voted as one of the top 50 products for marketers

  • 2020 - Meltwater is voted as a social media monitoring software leader

  • 2020 - Meltwater is voted as a media monitoring software leader

  • 2020 - Meltwater is voted a one of the best PR Analytics Software for Enterprise businesses

  • 2020 - Meltwater is voted as one of the best Media and Influencer Targeting Software solutions

  • 2019 - Meltwater is voted as the only PR software in G2Crowd's Top 100 Software Products

  • 2018 - Meltwater is voted one of the Top 100 Software Companies

  • 2017 - Meltwater is voted as the #1 leader in media monitoring

  • 2017 - Meltwater is voted as #1 for PR Aanalytics

  • 2017 - Meltwater is voted as the #1 influencer database

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Think of Meltwater as the one-stop-shop for all your media monitoring, media analysis, PR and marketing management, social media management, influencer outreach and internal communication needs. Our product offering is wide, and we tailor the solution based on your specific KPIs and requirements.

Meltwater G2 Crowd review

Constant Innovation

The media landscape is always evolving, and so are we. Meltwater aims to offer our customers the best experience; we work to both continuously improve our solutions and forecast the developments that cater to the needs of our market. As an experienced market leader, we invest heavily in artificial intelligence, allowing us to make sense of billions of data sets in real-time, discover trends, and extract critical business insights.

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