Middelfart Sparekasse

A Danish Savings Bank

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Photo of a Middelfart Sparekasse building
Middelfart Sparekasse logo

Middelfart Sparekasse is a Danish savings bank headquartered in Middelfart on Funen. The bank has 16 branches that all aim to make a positive difference for their customers, employees and the local communities.

Meltwater helps Middelfart Sparekasse with

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Social Media Engagement

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Publishing & Scheduling

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User-friendly platform for Social Media Management

Middelfart Sparekasse uses Meltwater Engage to manage and analyse its social activities across various platforms. With the help of Meltwater's platform, the organisation can secure effective and systematised Social Media Management.

Working strategically with social media and scheduling posts across multiple social platforms is an essential task. A single overview allows the team to plan activities while also ensuring that team members are not posting simultaneously.

"We can plan posts and publish automatically on all our channels - including LinkedIn and Instagram. It's easy to work in a single screen instead of having to log into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram separately. The price is also good value for money!" - Christina Welling, Marketing Consultant at Middelfart Sparekasse, explains.

Photo of a Middelfart Sparekasse office building
Christina Welling, Marketing Consultant, Middelfart Sparekasse

"Meltwater Engage provides us with a good overview of social media activities and reporting on the various social channels. It's also a good tool for planning and coordinating our posts by making sure that two of us are not posting at the same time."

Christina Welling, Marketing Consultant, Middelfart Sparekasse

Meltwater supports Middelfart Sparekasse with managing:


With Meltwater, Middelfart Sparekasse can easily manage all incoming and outgoing communications across social media, making sure that their community is well taken care of.

Planning and scheduling activities

Publication and planning of activities across various social media enables Middelfart Sparekasse to maintain visibility and keep track of who is posting what.


Consolidated reporting across multiple social media channels helps Christina and her colleagues understand the impact of their activities. This is used to optimise future activities and enhance performance and ROI.

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