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Global Consumer Electronics Brand

Global brands need global influence, but managing campaigns across continents takes a well-resourced team. For one leading consumer electronics brand, the key to creating impactful influencer campaigns is teamwork, with representatives in 11 territories localizing campaigns led by a central team. The problem? Once campaigns were in motion, they had no way to track impact, progress, and success. That’s where Meltwater came in. This global consumer electronics brand chose the Meltwater Suite to turn its regional influencer marketing teams into a unified, target-hitting operation.

Meltwater helps this global electronics brand:

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Discover, recruit, and manage 1,880+ influencers across regions

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Measure campaign impact, including earned media value (EMV)

Reporting time

Slash reporting from days to minutes

Managing influencer partnerships around the world

This leading consumer electronics brand’s team structure — in which regional teams execute on strategies developed by a central team — allows its marketing department to cater to distinct audiences, no matter where they are.

The main challenges of this approach were two-fold: 1) accurately monitoring the performance of each territory, and 2) discovering content creators who had real influence in each region. 

The brand implemented Meltwater’s influencer marketing solution across its regional teams to gain better control and insight into how its efforts were paying off. To date, the brand has used the platform to recruit and partner with more than 1,880 influencers throughout Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong, and other markets. 

With Meltwater’s True Reach score, the brand’s marketers can assess each content creator’s level of influence at a glance. They can also see which channels those influencers use to connect with their target audiences, content they’ve created for previous partnerships, how many people they reach per post, engagement rates, and more. 

This level of visibility Meltwater provides lets this brand’s central team spend less time vetting influencers so it can focus on building impactful campaigns. 

Generating $1M+ in earned media value (EMV)

A variety of tracked campaign metrics are a major perk of Meltwater’s influencer marketing solution, giving marketers the ability to demonstrate the value behind their efforts. These metrics include reach, engagement, and EMV, which estimates the equivalent paid media value of a campaign’s reach and engagement. Plus, they can be broken down by campaign, social channel, and influencer, making it easy to see who is driving the most conversation. 

For this consumer electronics brand, using Meltwater paid off in concrete ways, with campaigns collectively surpassing $1M in EMV. Plus, when they need a zoomed-in view, the brand’s teams can see how each campaign and channel contributed to that success, revealing which partnerships are most valuable.

Slashing reporting time from days to minutes

Before this consumer electronics brand implemented Meltwater, reporting was a time-consuming effort with a high potential for human error. With the influencer marketing solution, the brand gained more ways to track and review campaign performance. 

The platform’s campaign labeling feature lets each regional team tag their campaigns and partnerships with a geographic campaign name. The brand’s central team consolidates that data into unified, auto-populated performance dashboards that can then be filtered by those geographic tags.

This central view dramatically improved reporting for the brand, letting its marketers view regional campaign performances side by side with the ability to sort them via reach, engagement, and sales data. Previously, this evaluation process took days to complete, but with Meltwater’s downloadable reports and centralized dashboards, the brand saves dozens of hours of work each month while benefiting from a single source of reliable truth. What’s more, all of this data is collected and updated in real time so it is readily available for the central team to review. Now, jumping from spreadsheet to spreadsheet, or platform to platform, is a thing of the past.

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