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Garmin is the world's leading supplier of navigation solutions for cars, planes, marine, outdoor activities and sport, claiming an important place in the lives of their customers. Garmin's products work by positioning in relation to a target. For Garmin, it is important to be able to measure their own market position so they can better determine where they need to be and the strategies needed to take them there. Meltwater's tools help them understand how and where they are mentioned in the media so that they can plot strategies to take them forward.

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Metrics, speed and monitoring in real-time

One of the challenges Garmin faced before they started using Meltwater was that PR work and campaigns were measured differently across the Nordic countries. The different approaches to measurement made it difficult to compare the effectiveness of PR initiatives across the Nordic market and gain a comprehensive picture since there were different focal points and various methods used to gather data and analyse metrics.

"There has also been a shift in recent years when it comes to PR work", Marcus continues. "20 years ago, a product review might come out a few days after the launch, but nowadays communication is fast and this has an impact on those of us working in PR. It used to be that we would send information out to journalists and hope we might see an article a few days later. Today, I can work more proactively and immediately follow-up with the help of technology if I notice that a journalist isn't picking up the story or if inaccurate facts are reported”.

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"Meltwater is a partner who is always there. This is not a typical supplier - it's like having a partner who is actively involved."

Marcus Bjärneroth Director of Public/Media Relations


Real-time media monitoring at its best

With Meltwater, Garmin analyzes and monitors who is writing about the brand and how they write about it, as well as trends developing in the market. In this way, real-time media monitoring ensures a comprehensive understanding of Garmin’s position in the market. 

To analyze performance, Garmin utilizes Meltwater’s simple and fast reporting solution. This provides an overall picture of how campaigns have performed in various Nordic markets. Garmin then uses these reports as a basis for decision-making to plot strategies for future initiatives.

During Garmin's launch of their watch, Marq, it was important to get the news out locally, regionally and globally. Meltwater helped Garmin to make sure that news was not leaked pre-launch, while also following the impact of the launch in real-time to make sure that the information disseminated was accurate. "During our last launch of Marq, I could easily follow what news sources were covering it and work proactively to make sure the journalists had access to sufficient information. Meltwater's media monitoring tool thus helped me monitor every hour of our latest launch and see early on whether it has the return on investment that we were after", says Marcus.


Meltwater's tools help Garmin understand how, where, and when the brand is mentioned in the media so that they can plot strategies to take them forward.


Meltwater's reports provide Garmin with an overall picture of how campaigns have gone on the various Nordic markets. They can then use the reports as a basis for decision-making to plot strategies for future initiatives.

Real-time monitoring

Meltwater's media monitoring provides Garmin with real-time insights.

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