Fjord product release

Everything you need to know about our Fjord Product Announcement: Advancing Analytics to Insights

Allison Smith

Jan 1, 2020

This blog post is part three of our “Fjord Product Announcement” blog series. 

What is Fjord?

The Fjord release of MI empowers customers to make better, informed decisions. The design is built with a global content database across news and social media, AI-driven insights and a focus on simplicity and efficiency all driving towards one end goal: to make our customers’ lives easier. So where does the name Fjord come from? Formed by glaciers, Fjord has defined the Norwegian landscape, representing new life, a fresh start, and new opportunity. 

Advancing Analytics to Insights 

Analytics for PR and Marketing shouldn’t exist in silos. News and social media are closer than ever, and businesses need to compare paid, earned, and owned media across departments. 

Building on the AI-driven insights already available inside our product, we are the first to bring to market the ability for users to consistently measure the value of their media coverage. Analytics are crucial to understanding your business and driving business results. We provide a solution for PR professionals and Marketers—offering better alternatives to earned media measurement with comprehensive analytics across editorial and social, audience segmentation, and rich insights into organic and paid digital marketing efforts. 

Custom Scoring 

Being featured in a headline of an article published by The Wall Street Journal has a bigger business impact than a passing mention on a local news website, right? Up until now, grading them differently has required a time consuming manual process. With our new Custom Scoring capabilities, customers can define their earned media goals upfront, and a scoring model will be created instantly. 

Custom scoring brings to market the ability for users to consistently measure the value of their media coverage, define the success metrics that matter to them, and report and benchmark their success over time. Without Custom Scoring, you’re applying a “one-size fits all” measurement, and that simply doesn’t work. 


In an age where everything should be able to be measured against business objectives, earned media is no different. 

Customers are now able to identify and measure the earned media that drives the most traffic back to their website, regardless of whether or not a publication has placed a backlink to that site in an article. 

You can also better analyze the articles that really move the needle on your business objectives and identify the top publications & top authors that are driving the most traffic back to your website.

Sentiment Analysis 

Sentiment was designed to provide helpful insights into how the media coverage an organization receives has been perceived by its audience and can help drive an effective business strategy. We have moved away from document-based sentiment to sentence based sentiment, meaning each sentence of an article or post is evaluated individually and gets its own rating that is then aggregated into an overall rating for the document. With the new model, there is a significant improvement in sentiment for every language, resulting in 55-65% fewer sentiment overrides globally!

Digital Marketing Insights 

Our Digital Marketing Insight Reports add another dimension and data type that can be analyzed against news and social media. Driven by AI and delivered as a complete overview spanning search traffic, web visits, news /editorial, social, and ad-spend data even the highest impact granular data is surfaced. The reports enable customers to save time and better informs their content marketing initiatives through innovative insights surrounding competitors’ paid digital media strategies.

We are focused on advancing analytics to insights. Learn how our new Custom Scoring, PR Attribution, and Digital Marketing Insights products can help!

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