Fjord Product Announcement: Prioritizing Simplicity and Efficiency

Allison Smith

Nov 7, 2019

This blog post is part one of “Fjord Product Announcement” blog series. 

What is Fjord? 

Recently announced on October 21st, Fjord Product Announcement aims to empower PR, Communications, and Marketing teams with their own opportunity as an all-in-one product suite. The design of Fjord release is built upon our Media Intelligence product, with a global content database across news and social media, AI-driven insights and a focus on simplicity and efficiency all driving towards one end goal: to make our customers’ lives easier. So where does the name Fjord come from? Formed by glaciers, Fjord has defined the Norwegian landscape, representing new life, a fresh start, and new opportunity. 

Fjord - Prioritizing Simplicity and Efficiency

Prioritizing Simplicity and Efficiency 

Enterprise Apps used to be judged differently than consumer apps, but times have changed. Apps like Uber and AirBnB have raised awareness of what a quality experience can be. With this in mind, the end goal is to have an intuitive platform on which all new features will be built. 

By focusing on simplicity and efficiency, customers are able to enjoy an upgraded user-experience, with an intuitive new design and enhanced self-help options. The new navigation will make learning the platform easier and create a simplified user experience. Projects is aimed to spotlight our customers’ hard-earned media coverage, becoming a centralized workspace within the Meltwater product. Meltwater Mobile app, inspired by consumer applications, is available on iOS and Android and allows for ad-hoc searching and analysis and the ability to access all of the content from saved searches and tags in the desktop application.

New Nav and Workflows 

The modern user expects simple, elegant consumer applications and Enterprise software shouldn’t be any different. Users will benefit from a sleek new design and landing pages to orient users, making learning the platform easier. With universal workflows, customers can move seamlessly between different parts of the application to get their job done quickly..


Simplicity and efficiency with Projects means intuitive workflows and saving customers time—Projects functionality is set to redefine the media relations workflow, enabling end to end campaign execution, from outreach to analysis all in a central workspace for digital assets, media lists, and earned media. Customers are able to track projects in one unified workspace, making it easy for them to understand the status of an ongoing project, effortlessly communicate their impact to stakeholders, and create a record of the team’s accomplishments. 


The mobile app allows user to analyze breaking trends, stay on top of crises, and run ad hoc searches so you always have your finger on the pulse. Inspired by consumer applications, teams can coordinate and collaborate on the things they plan for year round. New functionality includes a new inbox content stream, promoting a more elegant reading experience with wider images, giving a more modern look. Highlighting match keywords in the articles makes it easier to consume content quickly.  

Stay tuned for part two of the blog series, in which we will discuss how Meltwater is able to capture more content than anyone else! For a more detailed look at the new Fjord features, visit our website.