Fjord Product Announcement: Capturing More Content

Fjord product release
Fjord product release

What is Fjord?

The Fjord release of MI is powered by a global content database across news and social media, AI-driven insights and a focus on simplicity and efficiency all driving towards one end goal: to make our customers’ lives easier. So where does the name Fjord come from? Formed by glaciers, Fjord has defined the Norwegian landscape, representing new life, a fresh start, and new opportunity. 

Capturing More Content 

Content is truly the foundation for analytics and visualizations that are built on top of it and if there is one thing we are proud of, it is our global content database. Data is the DNA of our platform and what our strength has been, and what it is now. We have a very good understanding of the changing landscape and where the risks are globally, allowing for a full picture view. We continue to invest in growing our database of news and social media, adding over 500 million new documents a day, using AI to capture content on all corners of the internet. With the acquisition of Wrapidity, we are able to capture content across the web, obtain faster search results, and generate more reliable analytics. We continue to focus on capturing more content and conversations than anyone else and it comes alive in our fully integrated solution for both social and editorial media.

Global Partnerships 

With a comprehensive network of global content partnerships, like Dow Jones, we are able to give customers access to premium content not freely available online, including print and broadcast content, from a library of over 1.3 trillion documents. In addition, the integration of our Infomart acquisition allows access to 30 years of historical content from premium Canadian publications. This is one thing we can be confident in, is capturing the amount of data on a global scale. 


With Explore, users can see instant insights across news and social media, create interactive, shareable dashboards, and understand which influencers are really driving the conversation around their brand, and competitors in their industry. With a single search, users benefit from being able to search and analyze content across Editorial, Social and Broadcast. 

Users can run unlimited ad-hoc searches with no cap on the number of search results, across years of historical data.  With Explore, marketers and PR professionals can work more closely together in many different ways, including sharing the same searches, using the same filters, and having access to the same visualizations and reports. This allows for consistency in reporting metrics, and makes it easier to share work across teams.