The Best Sprout Social Alternatives 2022

A woman and a man standing beside a telescope. The man is looking through the lens while the woman points in the direction he should be looking. The pair are looking for a new social listening and social media management platform to grow their brand.
A woman and a man standing beside a telescope. The man is looking through the lens while the woman points in the direction he should be looking. The pair are looking for a new social listening and social media management platform to grow their brand.

Sprout Social has become a powerhouse in the social media management space. This fast-growing platform offers a range of basic social media tools in an easy-to-use interface. Most commonly used by small and medium businesses, it’s a prime place to connect your social media profiles and start building your strategy. But when your needs evolve beyond social media management, what are the best Sprout Social alternatives?

There’s so much more to social marketing than baseline social media management tools. At some point, you may need more than what Sprout Social has to offer. That’s easier said than done for many companies, given Sprout Social’s $99 per user per month price tag. As your team grows, so does your bill.

Let’s explore some of the top Social Sprout alternatives that offer more comprehensive offerings and may help you save money.

These are the best Sprout Social alternatives:


How does Sprout Social compare to Meltwater as a social media management platform?

Both allow you to schedule posts in advance to reduce time spent on manual tasks. Both also offer social listening to help you connect with your audience in deeper, more meaningful ways. But at their cores, Sprout Social is strictly geared for social media management, while Meltwater offers full-on social media intelligence.

Meltwater social media engagement dashboard view showing mentions graphs and important social metrics, follower count, post performance, impressions.

One of Meltwater’s biggest advantages lies in its social listening technology. We track and analyze millions of online conversations in real time. With this data, we can provide deeper insights into customer sentiments, find relevant influencers in your niche, and monitor your share of voice.

Interested in learning more? to walk through Meltwater social media tools.

Meltwater also offers news monitoring and PR tools to help you track your online reputation. With comprehensive monitoring, brands can get ahead of negative publicity to mitigate reputational damage. On the flip side, you can use positive news coverage and media mentions to fuel your social strategy. 



Another social media powerhouse, Hootsuite is one of the most recognized names in social management. Its previous acquisition of BrightKit (now Hootsuite Campaigns) expanded its capabilities to include social contests and lead generation, making it both a sales and marketing tool.

With Hootsuite, you can connect all of your social accounts to the platform for easier management. Simplify your posting, schedule posts ahead of time, and monitor engagement at scale.

Also with Hootsuite, you can optimize your posts to reach more of your audience at the right time. The platform tracks engagement to see when your audience is most active and makes recommendations to support your strategy.

It’s also well-designed for team collaboration. You can build up your content library so everyone on your team has access to your assets. Easily assign tasks and keep everyone on the same page.

Hootsuite offers a limited free plan, with paid plans starting at $49 per user per month – half the cost of a Sprout Social plan. Take a free trial before you decide.

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MavSocial offers solid social media management functionality. Connect all the most common social profiles, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and more. It’s ideal for brands that want simplified, streamlined management across all of their social networks.

Schedule, publish, and manage content from a single platform. Use a centralized social inbox to field messages from your audience and never miss an opportunity to connect.

It also offers basic social listening features. You can track mentions of keywords to find trending topics and influencers in your niche. Turn these findings into your next post or campaign to integrate yourself into hot conversations.

One of its most notable features is its AI-powered image recognition. As you build your content library, assets can become harder to find. The AI-driven technology can help you quickly find the image you’re looking for with a basic search.

Its most basic plan starts at $19 per user per month, making it one of the most cost-effective Sprout Social alternatives.



MeetEdgar isn’t as comprehensive as Sprout Social, but it does help to make light work of creating social content. Similar to Sprout Social and Hootsuite, you can connect all of your social media accounts to a single dashboard. Optimize and schedule posts with just a few clicks.

One of MeetEdgar’s crowning jewels is its AI content creation. If you’re not sure what to say on social, MeetEdgar will generate some suggestions for you. It uses your own content library to start the ball rolling. Spend a few minutes each week adding content to the library, then let MeetEdgar do the heavy lifting. If you run out of content to share, MeetEdgar automates re-sharing of your top-performing posts to keep the conversation going.

The AI copy is also a great way to A/B different captions or posts. Learn more about what your audience likes and responds to without setting up an extensive A/B test.

MeetEdgar is ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Plans start at less than $25 per month for up to five social networks. Or, take advantage of a full 30-day free trial and money-back guarantee.


Ideal for mid-to-large enterprises, SocialPilot social media software offers all-in-one coverage.

First and foremost, you can use it to schedule and post to TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. Its content calendar gives you high-level and micro views of your content strategy. Plus, its analytics dashboard gives you clear, specific insights into how your content is performing across all channels.

SocialPilot is a favorite among agencies, thanks to its white label reporting. If you’re managing social media for clients, you can customize each report with your own branding.

Also included with SocialPilot is its content curation. Spend less time creating new content and repurpose or reshare content that resonates with your audience. Just enter some keywords and SocialPilot will curate a list of content to help inspire your own ideas.

Lower-tier plans start at less than $30 per month.



HubSpot also offers an alternative to Sprout Social media management. As one of the most widely-used free CRM options, HubSpot is mostly known for capturing the leads you generate so you can continue nurturing them. However, its add-on features and functions have grown to include more for social media managers.

If you’re already using HubSpot to build campaigns, you can also publish them from the same place. You can also monitor keywords of your choice to see what other people are posting about. Link this data to your CRM to get contextual, post-level insights from the conversations you track.

Many of HubSpot’s features are available for free. Its Marketing Hub starts at $45 per month.


Designed for B2B companies, Oktopost provides an easy way to manage your social media accounts. Like other management platforms, users can plan and schedule posts ahead of time. Discover trends, engage with your audience, and measure your impact with every post, all from a single source.

One of its key differences is the ability to amplify your internal voices. Oktopost’s built-in employee advocacy tool helps you empower your employees to support your brand on social media to attract talent and help you become a thought leader in your niche. It also offers integrations with some of the most popular third-party apps and tools, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Bitly, and Zapier.



A big slice of social media management is customer service. Nowadays, more people are reaching out to brands via social to ask questions, share their experiences, log complaints, and get more information before they buy. Zendesk helps you get ready for whatever comes your way.

Easily turn your media accounts into customer support channels. Zendesk captures all conversations in a single location and converts them into “tickets.” Team members can take a personalized approach to each one in a timely manner without the guesswork.



Another complementary product to your social media platforms, UserVoice is a best-in-class feedback tool. Collect, sort, analyze, and follow through on feedback from your social audiences. It aggregates feedback from multiple social profiles and other sources to give you a single view of what customers want from you.

UserVoice also makes it easy to share feedback with the right internal stakeholders. For example, if customers have reached out about a possible product defect, you can forward all relevant information to the product team with just a few clicks.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social

Zoho Social combines social media management with cloud-based CRM functionality. Its user-friendly interface makes it ideal for streamlining operations. Plus, you can take social media scheduling on the go with the Zoho Social mobile app.

It offers unlimited scheduling across all of your social profiles. Respond to comments, feedback, and posts in real time to grow your social reputation. The platform helps you choose the best times to post on each channel so you can make the biggest impact.

Pre-made analytics dashboards and reports save you even more time. They offer some of the insights that matter to most teams. Or, you can create your own to see the data you care about. Each report offers more context to the data so you can make better decisions.

You can try Zoho Social for free for 15 days before committing to a paid plan. Plans start at $10 per month for a single user, or $40 per month for a multi-user license.

No matter your budget or company size, there’s a social media management tool for you. Learn how Meltwater takes media management to new heights with end-to-end social media intelligence. Get a demo today!