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5 Things a Successful Marketing Manager Does Every Morning


Feb 16, 2020

Humans are creatures of habit; our days are made up of rituals – some habits being better for us than others. Not one to dwell on the negative, we’ve compiled a list of morning rituals every successful marketing manager has in common.

1. A successful Marketing Manager prioritises…

The first thing a successful marketing manager does when they come into the office each morning is make a plan. Multitasking is an essential skill to have, but this doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Creating a checklist is one way we can keep on top of tasks. Are we going to tick off everything on that list? Probably not. This is when the need to prioritise kicks in. Unfortunately, the skill of prioritising doesn’t always come easily to everyone either. If this is something you struggle with, use a simple risk assessment to evaluate the consequences that may occur if something isn’t ticked off the list by the end of the day.

Urgency over importance table

2. Keeps tabs

A marketing manager has little time to waste, that’s why Meltwater's suite for marketing professionals exists. Our media intelligence suite allows marketing pros to gain a snapshot of their brand, competitors and industry, whilst drinking their morning coffee. Being the first to know enables a marketing manager to create agile and competitive strategies. We recommend keeping tabs on the below to start with:

  • Brand mentions (both in online news and social media)
  • Industry trends
  • Breaking news
  • Early signs of developing crisis
  • Moves your competitors are making

In this day and age flexibility is crucial, especially for a marketing manager working within a hyper-competitive market such as retail. Media monitoring tools, lower the risk of things creeping up by keeping you in the know.

3. Revises strategy

While your end goal is likely to remain the same, the path you take to achieving it can sometimes change due to obstacles out of your control, like the external forces listed in Porter’s 5 Forces theory below. Moreover, insights pulled from keeping tabs of the points mentioned above are likely to influence your strategy too. A successful marketing manager recognises the fact that their industry can be volatile, so there’s a need to revise strategy frequently to ensure they’re on the right path to success.

Porters 5 forces diagram

4. Facilitates both internal and external engagement

Engagement is a top priority for any marketing manager, whether that comes internally or externally – it’s all good! Direct interaction is rarely handed to them on a plate and so they must create it themselves. Whether it’s circulating press coverage internally, sending weekly newsletters to stakeholders or publishing a blog, promotion will help create a constant buzz and win buy-in.


5. Pumps themselves up

A marketing manager’s role is hectic and unpredictable. They rarely switch off – mainly because the media doesn’t and their role exists because of media! So before hey put on their superhero cape and action any of the above, they have to pump themselves up for the day. Whether it’s an extra shot of coffee, going to the gym or cycling to work rather than hopping on the tube, something has to wake them up. A successful marketing manager knows what it is that helps them build up the fuel to get through the day.

social media manager infographic