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3 Reasons Your Company Should Like Other Pages on Facebook

Robert Rydefalk

May 6, 2018

This is a low effort, high reward tactic.  So let’s get down to business!

1. Like other Pages and increase your reach

By liking a Facebook Page we get the Page’s posts in our newsfeed. If it’s an interesting post we can engage with it by liking it, by leaving a comment or by sharing it with our friends. Our engagement shows up in other people’s newsfeeds, including that of the Page.

So, let’s say your Page were to like our Facebook Page. Whenever we publish a new post, the post receives views from our followers. If your Page were to interact with one of our posts, our followers will see your action.

So, by liking other Pages and being a part of the discussions in the comments, other users will see your comments (which will give you a higher reach) and some of the users might find your comment so interesting that they will click on your link, visit your Facebook Page and if they like what they see… well, now they might like your Page.

2. Expand your community by interacting with other Pages

By liking other Pages you see not only what the brands are focusing on and what they are posting, but you will also get the ability to interact with the Page, and their audience, as your Page. But it’s not only the Page’s audience that’s of interest for you.

Once you like a Page, you can also interact with it. Drop a note, mention the Page in a post, and get to know the people behind the Page. Example: Let’s say that I have a Facebook Page for my new pizza restaurant in San Francisco. I’m about to have a big opening party in my restaurant but I’m not really sure if anybody will come. One of the things that I can do is to use Graph Search to find some local event companies, like these Pages, and build a relationship with the people behind the Page. When the relationship is solid, I could ask them if they could promote my party on their Facebook Page.

By interacting with Pages on a regular basis you will expand your community, attract new followers and potentially find new opportunities for business partnership.

3. Get inspired by other Page’s posts

Your News Feed is great for a quick skim of whose marketing is working, and whose isn’t.

I love browsing through the posts of Pages I like. Not only do I find awesome news, insightful researches and funny images, I also find posts that went viral and posts that didn’t get any attention. The lesson here is to learn from your peers. What’s working? What’s not? You might find out that a company, which has a similar audience as you have, posts mostly photos and engages a big majority of their fans. You might also find a competitor who post mostly links that doesn’t engage any of their followers.

Like other Pages as your Facebook Page – The Right Way

So how do you like other Pages as your Facebook Page?

Visit Facebook, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and choose “Use Facebook as (your Page)”.


As you now “Use Facebook as your Facebook Page” you can start to like other brands’ Pages. Visit the Facebook Page that you would like to like, e.g., and click the Like button.

After you’ve liked a couple Pages, you can visit your Page’s newsfeed (click on the big Facebook Logo in the upper left corner) and see all of the most recent and most popular posts from all the pages that you have liked. Now, this newsfeed doesn’t get much love from Facebook: you can’t reach this newsfeed from one of Facebooks mobile apps, the design is old, it’s not possible to create interest lists, there are no ads (is that a minus?), and Facebook hasn’t made any major changes in over two years. But even as-is, you’ll see the important stuff: all the posts that your “liked Pages” are posting.

So know that you know how and why you should like other Pages, what are you waiting for?  Get on out there and make some friends!

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