10 Minute Makeover: Tips to Improve Facebook Page Performance

From filling out the about box to adding milestones, you’ll be surprised at the difference giving up 10 minutes today can have on Facebook page performance!

Improve Facebook Page Performance: Complete “About” section

An incomplete “about” section can result in decreased Facebook page performance because without one a visitor may think that the page simply isn’t legit; or professional for that matter. The type of information provided varies from business to business, but one thing that most pages have in common is the inclusion of links to other sites such as a website, blog pages, and Instagram accounts. This helps to improve our Facebook page performance by increasing visibility and added value from the content on the websites linked.

Tip: Use a link shortener such as Bitly to optimise space.

Update the cover image

As discussed in a previous post we all crave visuals. An engaging cover image is an easy win for us to boost the Facebook page performance. The cover photo is the first thing our audience sees when they land on our page and we want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to figure out who we are and what we do. Don’t forget, we typically have three seconds to capture a visitor’s attention and improve Facebook page performance while doing so.

Tip: Use an image that relates to the product or service you offer and make sure that the image is at least 851×314 pixels to warrant high quality.

Post at the right time

Most of us don’t speak unless we expect that someone is listening (unless we’re singing in the shower!). Tools such as likealyzer.com provide us with a Facebook page performance health check and also offer advice on improvement. For example, the search tool tells us the best time to post content on our page in order to ensure maximum engagement and Facebook page performance. For those wanting to know the best time to post on Twitter, take a look at our past blog here.

Tip: Try to include a call to action within every post. For instance: like if you agree, share to win, comment on your favourite flavour, tag a friend who would love this

Like other pages

One way to increase Facebook page performance is to go on a liking spree. Liking other pages will help increase our reach… that is if we also engage with the page. This can help us expand our community and improve our Facebook page performance by getting us inspired with our own content based on what is/ isn’t working on other Facebook pages.

Tip: Learn more by reading our previous post “3 Reasons Your Company Should Like Other Pages on Facebook”

Add milestones

Facebook is the perfect medium for brand storytelling. Facebook enables us to connect with our audience emotionally, which creates a stronger bond.

Tip: Highlight images more so than comments. Also, call out milestones for your business and find ways to express how excited you are about them. These can include stories about how you started your business, new product launches, and any awards your’ve won or recognition you’ve received.