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Pet Insurance Australia - Case Study - Social Media Monitoring“Meltwater allows me to focus directly in on those journalists who are writing about the subjects that interest Pet Insurance Australia. It allows us to comment about concerns directly affecting the pet loving community quickly and efficiently.” – Nadia Crighton, Public Relations Manager for Pet Insurance Australia


Pet Insurance Australia needed a powerful media intelligence tool to help them promote their company as a thought leader in the industry. Their top priorities include identifying and engaging with influencers, responding to relevant topics and issues in real-time, and generating ideas for content.

Meltwater offered Pet Insurance Australia an easy-to-use solution for engaging their audience online, connecting with key influencers, and getting ahead of hot topics and issues.

Pet Insurance Australia’s public relations and media intelligence needs:
  • Identify and engage key influencers such as journalists
  • Respond to industry issues in a timely manner
  • Monitor social media trends and real-time progress
  • Becoming a voice in the industry
  • Creating relevant content for clients and online followers.

We asked Nadia Crighton, Public Relations Manager for Pet Insurance Australia, to tell us a little more about how Meltwater was able to help:

What were three points of frustration that you faced before you started using Meltwater? How has Meltwater addressed these problems?

Nadia: The first was getting our message to the right journalists and being able to respond to issues arising in the pet industry in a timely way. Meltwater allows me to focus directly on those journalists who are writing about the subjects that interest Pet Insurance Australia. It allows us to comment about concerns directly affecting the pet-loving community quickly and efficiently. Another issue for us was being able to monitor changing trends on social media. I am now able to quickly search news and trends using the Meltwater. This allows me to write blogs that will interest our audience and provide the information that our followers are asking to hear. I’m now able to correctly target market the information people really want to know, the issues that are constantly being talked about.

What tactics did you try before using Meltwater? What were the results?

Nadia: Before Meltwater, we were pushing our PR from out-dated media lists and using free development programs to send PR. I just couldn’t keep tabs on what was and wasn’t working…and what my hit rate was. I had to heavily rely on contacts and relationships with journalists. The problem was as journalists move and change, so did the contact. It also jammed my email system with bounce-backs. It was a tedious and irritating process, especially when time is so precious.

What was the big “aha!” moment when you first decided to try Meltwater’s solution?

Nadia: I was lucky enough to be involved with another company that used Meltwater and saw huge benefits, quickly. For me, being in an industry that is only being covered by certain people, having access to an extended media list was key—and being able to directly contact those people, Australia wide, was a huge benefit. Plus, being able to see first hand what media releases were being opened has been great. It’s been very helpful to see what was a huge success and what stories were not. This allowed us to really see from a PR standpoint what was important and gauge what was working and what wasn’t. With the industry constantly changing, and the needs of journalists changing, this was the perfect solution.

What do you consider to be the top three features of Meltwater? Why do you love them?

Nadia: The firsts are the media lists with current, up-to-date, real time contacts. They make it easy to contact those who have the most interest in our media releases. The second is ease of use. With Meltwater, it’s very easy to develop media releases and test, allowing a quick turn around. This is paramount when commenting on an important time-sensitive subject. The third feature is monitoring. These days, it’s crucial to be able to see in real-time what the response is to your campaign and monitor trends evolving on social media.

Did you experience any direct “big win” business results for your company because of Meltwater?

Nadia: Our big win was starting to be featured as a “voice” in the industry. We are now regularly featured in news-related stories in various newspapers and magazines within weeks of pushing our press though Meltwater. We’re getting our stories in front of people who really want the information. Another win is driving blog ideas. Being able to see what everyone is talking about on social media allows the company to plan campaigns and exposure around what people are talking about, allowing me to tailor my blogs with information that people really need. This is a win-win for the company and more importantly for our clients and online followers.

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Pet Insurance Australia is a successful family owned Australian pet insurance business with 30 years experience in the industry and an international reputation for excellence and extensive exposure to pet owners. They take pride in the fact that they are not just business owners, but are loving pet people.