DBB Australia - Case Study - Social Media Monitoring“Meltwater helps us understand which campaigns are working and which aren’t. We can easily look at the media pick-up and social conversations generated by our message and get the insights we need to fine tune our approach and shape future campaigns.” – Kate Neill, Director of Regional Communications, DDB Group Asia Pacific

When your reach extends to every part of Asia Pacific, listening to what your audience is saying about your campaigns—and your company—might seem like an impossible ask. For DDB, measuring success, keeping up with industry trends, and keeping an eye on the competition requires a comprehensive solution that offers deep, up-to-the-minute analysis of social trends and media coverage.

About DDB Asia Pacific
DDB Asia Pacific is the most awarded creative network in the region. With clients such as McDonald’s, Volkswagen, and Unilever the company has 33 offices in 14 countries, employing more than 3,500 creative professionals.

DDB’s communications management and media intelligence needs:

  • Monitor media coverage and social media conversations for DDB and its clients
  • Track the success of social campaigns by reach and engagement
  • Identify trending topics and address them from a leadership position
  • Report results to management and clients

We talked to Kate Neill, Director of Regional Communications, DDB Group Asia Pacific to see how her team was able to track, measure and analyse more with Meltwater:

Social media has become a significant part of the media landscape, and DDB has created some unique social campaigns for itself and for clients. How has the rise of social media affected your role and focus?


Kate: Yes, social media is now a huge part of my job! With the enormous reach of DDB across Asia Pacific, social media has become a major part of our strategy for engaging audiences. We are always listening for new ideas to help us stay innovative in our campaigns and approach.

The company has also used social media as a platform for corporate citizenship and community involvement in places where we operate. For example, we created a digital tribute to mark the passing of Singapore’s late leader Mr Lee Kuan Yee, and we work for social change through campaigns like #DDBMakeItHappen.

We regularly drive discussion about our company, using social media to showcase creative using #DDBLove, and of course, we are constantly reviewing the media’s response to each new campaign.

Meltwater enables us to do all of this on behalf of the company. We also use Meltwater to add value to our clients by tracking and measuring discussion about their brands. We can gain real-time insights into any issues they are facing, which helps us address them in our work.

What brought you to Meltwater?


Kate: We use the data to follow trending topics. In an industry built on creativity and market insight, having this information available to us has made a big difference. Through the insights we’ve gained using Meltwater, we’ve been able to position ourselves as a thought leader in the industry.

The information we get from Meltwater is also invaluable in helping shape our campaigns. We zero in on discussions surrounding client campaigns, for example an online advertisement or a social media hashtag, and the media pick-up it generates. From there, we can help our teams develop and refine future campaigns and set very targeted goals for performance and reach.

We also use Meltwater to reinforce the success of any given campaign. Creating analytics-driven reports has been a real asset in demonstrating the value of the team to senior management.

Have you gained any surprising insights or developed any favourite features from using Meltwater?


Kate: Obviously coverage analysis plays a big part in what we get out of Meltwater. But I really like the archive feature, which enables us to store articles and organise results, which we use to backup our analyses using real-world examples.

With four people working on Meltwater, recording and analysing the work of a team of 3,500, anything that helps us manage the flow of information is a real advantage.

What has been really surprising though, is how far our coverage can reach. Since we’ve started using Meltwater we’ve been able to track coverage to some surprising places like Russia and Argentina. It just reinforces how extensive the coverage for an interesting story or an emerging trend can be in the modern media environment—and what you can see with the right tools.

What has been your biggest win out of using Meltwater?


DDB is built on creativity and innovation. Sometimes that means taking risks, trying new things, or experimenting with new ideas. Understanding how those ideas are received in the market—and how consumers from many different countries and cultures are responding to them—is vital for us as an organisation. Meltwater provides us with the tools to understand and manage the reputation of our brand—and in this business, there are few things more valuable to us.

“The measurement provided by Meltwater helps us justify our campaigns, easily report to senior management and highlight the value of the team to the company.”