Twitter chats. What are they?

Twitter chats can offer great benefits both to the host and participants. Here’s our working definition of what a Twitter chat is:

  1. Cyber debates around specific themes following designated hashtags
  2. community of professionals shedding light on topics in a Q&A format
  3. A social media marketing opportunity that isn’t being utilized enough by companies and the PR folks who represent them

What Can Participating in Twitter Chats Do for Us?

Twitter chats improve credibility.

Whether as hosts or participants, Twitter chats offers us the opportunity to position ourselves as industry experts and thought leaders. They are a great venue for sharing tips, tricks, and trends around a well-defined theme. If other participants perceive us to be knowledgeable, they’re most likely to also think of the brand we represent as trustworthy and credible.

Twitter chats improve brand visibility.

An environment of discussion and debate often stimulates us to put our best foot forward, which will likely lead to Tweets that will be followed, retweeted, and favourited. Using our corporate Twitter handle ensures the goodwill spills over to our brand. Social media monitoring tools, such as Meltwater’s Media Intelligence platform, offer insight into how many people have seen our brand via brand impression and deliver click-through metrics so we can understand our participation’s ROI.

Twitter chats are fun.

There’s nothing like exchanging idea, getting feedback, and hearing about new trends to get the juices flowing. Meltwater’s #MarketingMinds chat takes place on Friday afternoons at (10 a.m. EST; 3 p.m. UK time), rounding out the work week doing with something that’s both entertaining and beneficial.

Twitter chats grow our community

Participating in Twitter chats helps us increase our following, especially if we build a bond with an industry influencer whose followers will now be coming in contact with.

What not to do in Twitter chats:

Stay silent.

It’s a chat guys, join in and talk! Sure we have great ideas and opinions, but what good is that if we don’t share them? Sharing is caring.

Be respectful.

Twitter chats are a debate, so be prepared for disagreements, but don’t go out of your way to shut people down. Remember why we’re participating in the chat: to have fun, learn and meet new people—not pick fights.

Follow the rules of the chat.

For example, in #MarketingMinds, we think it’s best to include the letter A (for answer), followed by the question number when responding to a question. This helps keep the Twitter chat flowing.

Don’t just participate, host your own.

Are you planning Twitter chats of your own. Let your new contacts know. They’re sure to help spread the word.


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