Time to break out the white denim! Bikini body ready or not, here Memorial Day weekend comes. However, it’s not the only holiday you should have on your content calendar this week. Check back each Thursday for a roundup of upcoming events, holidays, and trending topics–or subscribe to get your Sidekick delivered straight to your email inbox.

Celebrate the Month of May

Health: Lyme Disease Awareness Month, Preeclampsia Awareness Month

Food: Salsa Month, Vinegar Month, Asparagus Month, Hamburger Month, Egg Month, Strawberry Month

Fun: Photo Month, Get Caught Reading Month

Sunday, May 22

Holidays: Harvey Milk Day, Goth Day, Sherlock Holmes Day, Maritime Day, Vanilla Pudding Day

Famous Birthdays: Harvey Milk, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Morrissey, Naomi Campbell, Ginnfer Goodwin, Apolo Ohno

TV: Preacher (10 PM, AMC), Food Network Star (9 PM, Food Network)

Events: Billboard Music Awards (8 PM, ABC), PRSA Travel & Tourism Conference (Houston, TX through 5/25)

Sports: French Open begins

Monday, May 23

Holidays: Title Track Day, Turtle Day, Lucky Penny Day, Taffy Day

Famous Birthdays: Jewel, Drew Carey, Joan Collins, Rosemary Clooney

TV Premieres: The Bachelorette (8 PM, ABC), The Price is Right (8 PM, CBS), Who’s Line is it Anyway (9 PM, The CW)

Tuesday, May 24

Holidays:  Escargot Day, Brother’s Day, Tiara Day

Famous Birthdays: Queen Victoria, Jim Broadbent, Roseanne Cash, Tommy Chong, Priscilla Presley

TV Premieres: Hotel Hell (8 PM, FOX)

Conferences: Sirius Decisions Summit (May 24 – 27 in Nashville)

Wednesday, May 25

Holidays: National Missing Children Day, Wine Day, Towel Day, Tap Dance Day, Senior Health & Fitness Day, Brown-Bag Day

Famous Birthdays: Octavia Spencer, Anne Heche, Cillian Murphy, Jamie Kennedy

TV Premieres: Wayward Pines (9 PM, FOX)

Thursday, May 26

Holidays: Blueberry Cheesecake Day, Lag BaOmer (Jewish holiday)

Famous Birthdays: Sally Ride, John Wayne, Lauryn Hill, Miles Davis, Helena Bonham Carter, Scott Disick

TV Events: 500 Questions ( 8 PM, ABC), Red Nose Day ( 9 PM, NBC)

Events: G7 Summit (Japan), National Spelling Bee (5/22-5/27)

Friday, May 27

Holidays: Grape Popsicle Day, Sunscreen Day

Famous Birthdays: Lisa Lopes, Jamie Oliver, Christopher Lee, Andre 3000, Rachel Carson, Dashiell Hammett, Paul Bettany

Movie Releases: X-Men: Apocalypse, Alice Through the Looking Glass

TV Releases: Boodline (Netflix), Chef’s Table (Netflix), The Do-Over (Netflix), #TBT (Disney Channel)

Events: Beginning of Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday, May 28

Holidays: Amnesty International Day, Hamburger Day, Brisket Day  

Famous Birthdays: John Fogerty, Kylie Minogue, Carey Mulligan, Colbie Caillat, Ian Fleming, Jake Johnson