Summer is the only season that feels much shorter than it is. Now, at the beginning of summer 2018, we’re revisiting the good times from last summer by recalling the online conversations around some of our favorite events, movies, water parks, and of course, barbecues and beer.

The Hottest Brands on Social Media

It wasn’t surprising that the consumer brands that dominated social media last summer are the same ones at every barbecue and picnic. It’s a Weber Grill and Budweiser world and we only live in it.

For summer events, Schlitterbahn dominated the water park landscape and two-thirds of those that shared info about San Diego Comic-Con on social media felt positive about the event (and most likely the films, comics, and TV shows that were covered).

When it comes to last year’s summer films, Wonder Woman (#1) and Spider-Man: Homecoming (#2) captured the same spots for share of voice on social media as they did in US box office receipts. Interestingly, Dunkirk did much better on social media, coming in #2 for share of voice, while only hitting the #6 spot in ticket sales. This might mean that people who saw Wonder Woman or Spider-Man saw it multiple times or that Dunkirk had more of a problem with piracy than the other two. 

To find gorgeous images of summer, we mined the Instagram influencer account of Tiny Atlas Quarterly and their #mytinyatlas hashtag.   

Without further ado, here are the brands, the events, and their associated data that made summer so memorable. When you’re ready to report your brand’s summer PR data story, we can help.

Summer Brands on Social Media

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