NPR Shows Us How to Tweet Like a Human

Often PR pros become distracted by their quest for perfection on social media, worried that the slightest slip can create havoc for their clients. In some cases, that is true (the list of social media offenses that have lead to someone getting fired is quite long). However, it is possible to make simple mistakes and then correct them in real time, in a human way that enhances your brand. Today’s lesson in how to be human on social media comes from Twitter via NPR.

Pro-tip: This is how you handle a spelling error on a site that has no edit button: 

Facebook Brings Ads to Groups

The second noteworthy update this month is the one that gets the most groans from users of social media, but may be useful for PR pros who need to promote live events and other hands-on brand news. Facebook is deploying ads in Facebook groups. This change in policy may be a game changer for PR pros, since it will allow highly targeted marketing to subsets of Facebook users already highly engaged on a topic.

How might this play out? Instead of advertising a new product or event in the news feed, as it’s done currently, you could choose a group focused on a specified topic and place your ad there. For example, a group dedicated to data analytics and ROI would be a perfect place to show an ad for an analytics conference. Additionally, the ads will target by topics, keywords, and identity. This will help PR pros avoid wasting money on groups where the target audience is the wrong demographic and land in groups where people are more focused on buying, selling, trading, and learning.

Pro tip: When you can place content into groups as ads, keep the user top of mind. Since most users are likely to find this invasive, it will be more important than ever to be first useful or funny. Keep your ad strategy all about bringing something to the group that adds to their overall knowledge, experience, and sense of place.

Overall, the two big takeaways from this month’s social media recap are:

  1. Be human first on social media
  2. Be useful and keep the user top of mind when placing PR