Churchill Downs is home to the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky’s greatest two minutes in sports” and while fortunes were made and lost yesterday, witnessing the beauty of racehorses doing what they were bred for is a breathtaking sight.

Since Kentucky Derby’s dawn, strategies abound for choosing the winning thoroughbred. Though odds were in favor of Always Dreaming donning the floral wreath at the finish line, that did not take away from the adrenaline of watching her compete. Less certain was who would win bragging rights for their social media impact. Sure, winning bragging rights isn’t the same as a golden trophy with a financial award, but social media reputation is a heady rush all the same.

In a (social media) race that includes the top ranked competing thoroughbreds, the top sponsors, and the event’s trending themes; we benchmarked the most important contributors to the annual pageantry.

You can relive that exhilarating two minutes with our 2017 Kentucky Derby social media infographic. If you’re interested in seeing how you can create your own data story, contact us.

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