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Celebrate the Month of June 

LGBT Pride Month

Soul Food Month, Candy Month, Iced Tea Month, Dairy Month, Seafood Month, Steakhouse Month

Great Outdoors Month, Camping Month

Sunday, May 29

Coq au Vin Day

JFK, Carmelo Anthony, Daniel Tosh, Laverne Cox, Danny Elfman, Riley Keough, Annette Bening

Celebrity Food Fight (10 PM, Food Network)

Meltwater @ World PR Forum (CPRS) in Toronto, CA through 5/31. If you’re there, come by and say hello!

Monday, May 30

Memorial Day (observed), Mint Julep Day

CeeLoo Green, Idina Menzel, Marissa Mayer, Manny Ramirez

Roots (9 PM, simulcast on A&E, History, and Lifetime), So You Think You Can Dance (8 PM, FOX), Top Gear (9 PM, BBC America), The Dresser (9 PM, Starz), Mistresses (10 PM, ABC), Scream (10 PM, MTV)

Tuesday, May 31

Macaroon Day

Clint Eastwood, Brooke Shields, Colin Farrell, Walt Whitman, Joe Namath

Peaky Blinders (Netflix), Maya and Marty (10 PM, NBC), America’s Got Talent (8 PM, NBC), Powers, Teenage Newlyweds

Wednesday, June 1

Running Day, Go Barefoot Day, Say Something Nice Day, Hazelnut Cake Day

Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman, Amy Schumer, Heidi Klum, Andy Griffith

American Ninja Warriors (8 PM, NBC), Master Chef (9 PM, FOX), The Night Shift (10 PM, NBC), Brother vs Brother (9 PM, HGTV), Cleverman (10 PM, Sundance)

Thursday, June 2

Rocky Road Ice Cream Day, Leaving the Office Earlier Day

Abby Wambach, Justin Long, Domonic Cooper, Zachary Quinto, Wayne Brady

The Beauty and the Beast (9 PM, The CW), Quincy Jones: Burning the Light (10 PM, HBO), North Woods Law and Lone Star Law (9 PM, Animal Planet)

Paul Simon, “Stranger to Stranger”;  Tegan and Sara, “Love You To Death”

NBA Finals begin (location TBD)

Friday, June 3

Doughnut Day (first Friday of June), Egg Day, Fish and Chip Day, Repeat Day

Anderson Cooper, Tony Curtis, Rafael Nadal, Josephine Baker, Imogen Poots,

Me Before You, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Bo Burnham: Make Happy (Netflix), Ben Gleib: Neurotic Gangster (20 PM, Showtime), Comedy Bang! Bang! (11 PM, IFC)

Saturday, June 4

Cheese Day, Frozen Yogurt Day, Old Maid’s Day

Angelina Jolie, Russell Brand, Bar Rafaeli

Ms. Matched (9 PM, Hallmark)