In the dance between brands and influencers, PR and marketing pros are the chaperones. To get the perspective of those managing influencer relationships, we went to PRSAICON and Content Marketing World to talk to PR and content marketing folks.

For PR, Traditional Journalists Are Still the Most Valuable Influencers

Modern PR professionals build influencer relationships with journalists and media outlets, as well as with social media influencers, bloggers, and celebrities to broadcast their brand messages to specific audiences. Though social influence plays an increasingly important role in PR outreach, traditional journalists are still the preferred target of PR campaigns, especially for more traditional brands (like universities). Even when strategy includes both traditional and social influencers, the goal is to gain recognition for the brand, so that eventually journalists will notice—and spread the messages far and wide.

Content Folks Find Influencers Only as Valuable as the Content They Produce

On the other hand, content marketers produce words, visuals, photos, videos, and audio to attract online traffic and build credibility for their brand. In some instances, content marketers are influencers for their industry or area of interest. Some were even previously journalists. On the whole, they understand what type of content influencers are interested in and often work with them to produce content that builds brand authority. Because their work parallels that of influencers, their content strategy usually involves content collaborations as the driving force behind getting their message across. 

For our man-on-the-street interviews at PRSAICON and Content Marketing World, we found that PR and marketing folks both believe that optimizing influencer relationships is a way to achieve business goals. Fellow PR and marketing pros will only benefit by working together to build influencer relationships and create paths of successful collaboration.

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