Politics can be kryptonite for public relations, and this month anyone looking for news and advice on social media has been inundated with what might feel like a solid wall of politics-based news and analysis. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here is our completely election-free recap of what’s new and what’s next for social media in November.


One of the challenges of great PR comes from managing success. As your client becomes more popular and well known, the chances of encountering internet trolls rise. This is especially true if your client is a celebrity or celebrity brand. This month Twitter rolled out a new version of its Mute button designed to help combat internet bullying and online abuse. Now users can block and report harassing accounts, right from their Notification Settings option. 

This is a fantastic (and somewhat overdue) move on Twitter’s part, but it has a flip side that PR pros should keep in mind. As you create copy for your clients on Twitter, it’s important to use a media intelligence tool to monitor what is being muted and blocked on the platform to ensure that you are still being heard. You can do that by keeping an eye on negative trending topics and adjusting your content accordingly.


Pinterest has a fantastic conversion rate for online shoppers who enjoy aspirational visual browsing, and offers a wonderfully visual platform for PR pros who know how to leverage it. In recent weeks Pinterest added some new targeting features to help expand the reach of your Pins. These targeting options include creating audiences, campaigns, and retargeting Pins based on clicks, comments, saves, likes, or close ups.  If you have a great website, you can even build audiences around specific pins and bring people back to your hub.

It’s also possible to “reverse engineer” your audience conversion if you have a Pinterest tag on your site. Pinterest will take the categories people browse on your site, Pins they’ve liked, and purchases they may have completed and pull that data to help you create better, more dynamic targeting with visual content.

You can also make use of the Pinterest Explore tab to keep your eye on what’s trending, right now. This is handy for PR pros who need to be up on the latest inspirational or aspirational content for their brands.

No More Fakes

Google and Facebook announced crackdowns on fake news sites this week. Most PR pros using digital media and social media for their clients should be fine, but keeping an eye on the sources being used for curated content is now more important than ever. This will mainly impact PR pros utilizing AdWords on Google, as Google will be restricting ad placement on questionable sites (a good outcome for PR!) and PR folks using the Facebook ad network. More details will be released from both Facebook and Google as details of how these restrictions will be implemented are announced.


In case you missed it, video juggernaut YouTube has now released its End Screens feature to anyone posting content on the platform. By making it possible for anyone to overlay a thumbnail at the end of their videos, content creators will have another way to keep viewers engaged. Danny Goodwin offers these tips on how to use End Screens:

  1. Promote a YouTube video or playlist
  2. Request new subscribers to your channel
  3. Link out to your website
  4. Promote other YouTube channels you own

PR pros will know that End Screens offer even more options for their clients than simple redirects to expected places. One example would be creating a sub-campaign on a secondary YouTube or Pinterest channel and linked to that, or claiming a hashtag on Twitter and other hashtag-friendly platform and linking to the conversation on the search results page, or to a Spotify or Moments stream collecting real content from your fans in real time. The possibilities are endless!

The key takeaway from this month’s social media recap? Paying attention to trending topics and keywords just became much more important to keeping your brand visible on Twitter, visual content is king and rich with data on Pinterest, videos can now serve multiple purposes for PR, and sourcing your curated news and ad placement targeting for validity is vital.