Stop by booth 911/913 on the interactive tradeshow to “track your tag” and then join us at Buenos Aires Café on the 14th for our annual SXSW party. 

The unofficial slogan for the host city of SXSW is “Keep Austin Weird” and we encourage you to dive in headfirst and join the madness alongside Meltwater.

This marks Meltwater’s 4th consecutive year attending the Interactive Session at SXSW; each year we’ve upped the ante with client parties, product debuts, surprise visits from senior leadership, and most recently our Outside Insight rebranding. I expect 2016 to be a high water mark for us as we launch our latest iteration of deep social listening and throw down for a night in East Austin.

The new Meltwater Premium Social Package delivers the world’s most sophisticated social media monitoring, delivering most comprehensive online listening tool for social and editorial coverage available today. We’re tapping in to Instagram, indexing 300,000 product reviews, and nearly 3-million user generated comments daily, along with deep listening on global forums to identify active user communities and quickly engage on topics of common interest.

Without a doubt, I am most excited for native Instagram tracking. It is my favorite social channel and one that continues to gain moment in an environment where growth for social behemoth, Twitter, has fallen flat.

And while the world still obsesses over messages in a 140 characters or less, Instagram now has over 400 million users compared to Twitters 325 million. One might argue that limiting your personal, professional, or political rants in character count takes skill and results in messages more akin to a Haiku; however, I’m compelled by the age-old phrase that a picture is worth a thousand words and that a good ‘Gram is easily worth a thousand characters or more.

For this very reason, we encourage you to stop by our booth (911/913) on the Interactive Tradeshow and “track your tag” during SXSW. We’ll have our new social listening platform turned on so you can see what the masses are saying about your brand, your SXSW hashtag, a favorite band, or Franklin’s BBQ (if you’ve done your research, you’ve heard about the 6 hour long lines and are wondering what BBQ that good looks like filtered and out of focus).

This year is quite special for me on a personal level. It’ll be the first year that our Austin team owns the event from top to bottom, which means I’ll be playing host and MC for our participation on the trade show floor as well as extra curricular activities.

A bit about my background should give you a good indication of what is in store for our clients, partners, and anyone else who is interested in hanging out. As the Area Director for Meltwater in the Mountain & Central time zones, I oversee all of our operations from Utah to Ohio, and up from the Dakotas, down to Louisiana. When not traveling between Austin and Chicago, you’ll find me in East Austin at any of the local breweries, craft cocktail bars, art galleries, or record stores. If you are thinking this sounds like a hipster’s paradise, you are right, except that we have more motorcycles than fixed gear bikes, the vibe is welcoming vs. standoffish and instead of vegan-exclusive cafes, there is more BBQ than you know what to do with.  

If you can make it to our annual party on Monday the 14th, you’re in for a treat. This year we’ve rented out my favorite restaurant on the East Side called Buenos Aires Café. They serve up incredible Argentinian food, have excellent South American wines, and are generally some of the nicest people I’ve met in Texas. That—and I’ll be on the turntables spinning up sets of funk, soul, and South American influenced sounds.

We welcome all with open arms, hot food, and cold beer! RSVP here and don’t be afraid to bring along a friend or two.

Safe travels to all making their way to Texas, and we look forward to seeing you soon!