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You don’t prosper for 150 years as a manufacturer of adult and pediatric healthcare products without prioritizing consumer safety. That’s one reason why the Medical Affairs Department of C.B. Fleet Co. keeps a close eye on their products in the media; it helps them be aware of any accidental poisonings or adverse events as soon as they happen. Closely monitoring media helps Fleet keep in touch with consumer’s health and protects the reputations of the company’s brands. 

Both in Europe and North America, the consumer healthcare industry is highly regulated. Businesses can be prevented from marketing and selling their products if they aren’t representing them responsibly and accurately. With unannounced inspections par for the course, it’s essential to monitor literature for not only product trade names, but also across the product category. This media vigilance has the added benefit of surfacing consumer concerns. How a company handles possible red flags affects its reputation and its bottom line. 

That’s why Deborah JB Galt, Manager of Medical Affairs Information at C.B. Fleet Co., is meticulous about her searches. After all, an alert is only as good as the parameters you set for it. “Putting search strings together in keyword groupings keeps my results crisp.” This practice not only ensures relevant results, but Galt explains it also “…helps reduce the amount of noise of irrelevant articles. Why is this so important? A big part of her process involves “…being able to understand, duplicate, and explain the strategy of my searches.” Deborah uses good, old-fashioned boolean technology to construct her searches, tracking for mentions in both medical and consumer literature in every language, in every market where Fleet sells their products. Her approach, she explains, lets her do a better job of medical literature monitoring. Her demand for complete coverage is what led her to Meltwater. She tells us, “Meltwater provides us with the full international coverage that we need.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.19.32 PM.png

Deborah’s detailed boolean searches in English and various languages surface international articles about Fleet’s products

An added benefit of well-constructed searches, Deborah explains, is “…knowing what’s going on in the consumer healthcare space, and being reassured that relevant results are filtered through search strings.” 

When C.B. Fleet’s pharmacovigilance operations have audits, their literature-monitoring process passes with flying colors. In the end, regulators want companies to do as much as possible to ensure the health and safety of the public, which not only makes for good due diligence, it makes for good business.