If a team’s chance of winning the Super Bowl was based on the frequency their coach, quarterback, or team were discussed on social media, there wouldn’t be any doubt that the New England Patriots were destined to win from the very beginning. But when the big game hit halftime this year, the prevailing wisdom was that Atlanta Falcons had it locked with a 28-3 lead and a strong offensive. We now know the Patriots turned it around and clinched a historic Super Bowl, the first won in a “sudden death” overtime.

Super Bowl 51 was the most-watched Super Bowl ever, so it bears asking, how did the public feel about what they were watching? What got their fingers typing? At one point Fox Sports reported that 40,000 tweets were coming in per minute during the halftime performance, but what exactly were they saying? What did those on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook think of the game, the quarterback, the coaches, Lady Gaga, or those tear jerker commercials? And how did people feel about Sprint and T-Mobile basically picking on Verizon?

Using media intelligence, we took the pulse of the big game using Outside Insight and compiled our Super Bowl 51 social media showdown: