Two annual events at the beginning of the calendar year celebrate film, the announcement of Oscar nominees and the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. One event celebrates exceptional movies of the previous year and Sundance allows us to peek at features and documentaries for the new year. (Have you seen the big budget action films we are looking forward to in 2017?)

That’s why we used our media intelligence tool to:

  1. Measure the share of voice of feature premieres and documentaries on our media intelligence platform. We’re going straight to the source and not waiting for Rotten Tomatoes to rank these films for us.
  2. Benchmark the intersection of music and film. Musicians are some of the most influential tastemakers in our culture, and this year they were all over the festival program. So, we wondered which musician’s project would benefit the most by being associated with them? Turns out that was one of the most buzzed about films, Mudbound, starring Mary J. Blige.
  3. Track sponsorship dollars and measure who made the most of their investment. By calculating the aggregate sponsors’ share of voice on social media platforms from January 1 to the present day, we surface which brands received more bang for their buck, given their initial sponsorship investment. Here we see that while Canada Goose as a Presenting Sponsor (Tier 1) paid at least 5x the amount of Sustaining Sponsor (Tier 3) of Canon USA, but the latter emerges as a clear winner with 10% of the total corporate sponsor share of voice. The infographic also looks at the performance of media partnerships as well as the virtual reality brands making a play for Hollywood. You’ll want to note how much mileage Nokia has gotten despite only hosting the VR Bar for one day and without official sponsorship status. 

A Few PR Takeaways:

  • Event sponsorship can help a brand if you craft an effective on-the-ground strategy.
  • VR is here to stay and widespread adoption is coming in 2018. Be prepared.
  • Working with Influencers is still the best way to extend the reach of your film, project or film.

So, here’s our coverage of what films received the most buzz at Sundance, as well as the brands’ whose sponsorship dollars went further. And remember, if you’re interested in seeing data around your events or campaigns, we can help.