How we start our days often informs how effective we are at work. That’s why we decided to benchmark the morning routines of three PR personas. Maybe you’ll see yourself in the brand of coffee most discussed on social media or the types of breakfast, workout, and mode of transport that dominate social sharing during morning hours.

We used our Meltwater social listening tools, to look at a variety of morning activities and what’s generating the most buzz in each. Are you surprised that steel cut oats dominate the breakfast category? While we aren’t quite saying that steel cut oats have taken over the breakfast market, the data shows that people sure do like to talk about them on social media. Same goes for morning workouts. While going to the gym is undoubtedly still a classic, looking at social media, we’ve got to wonder if tweeting about Crossfit, in particular, is a contractual obligation for those who sign up.

Behind the scenes, we benchmarked a wide range of options for each category, including (but not limited to) branded fast food morning sandwiches, exercise classes (Yoga and SoulCycle), ride-sharing services (Uber and Lyft), and coffee brands (although we ended up excluding Blue Bottle as news had just broken that they were bought by Nestle, and buzz about the acquisition skewed our results). We also used Itunes Charts to find the 10 most popular podcasts during our week of social listening and benchmarked them against each other to narrow the field to three, and then further benchmarked those.

Keeping the parameters of our methodology in mind, we hope you enjoy following along as our PR pros—the CMO, the PR manager, and the PR intern—start their day.

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And—as always—if you’re interested in seeing how you can do something similar with your brand and industry, we can help.