Now that the road to San Antonio for the 2018 NCAA Tournament’s Final Four is set, we know that the highly anticipated match-up between two no. 1 seeds, Villanova and Kansas is on the docket. As is the intriguing face-off between a dominating no. 3 seed, Michigan, againstthis tournament’s undisputed Cinderella, at no. 11Loyola-Chicago.

Loyola-Chicago has also provided this March Madness with some of the most meme-worthy social content. It’s taken the form of a 98-year-old nun by the name of Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt, and she is the chaplain for the Ramblers. Her sass is beloved by Loyola-Chicago fans, but her national visibility has increased with the team’s advancement through the brackets.

While Loyola-Chicago is now sharing their spotlight with Sister Jean, two of the other contenders, Kansas and Michigan are known for stellar university-level social media engagement. Devoted fans often get at least some of the credit when an underdog team beats the odds to win a championship. An argument can also be made that strong teams inspire a strong fanbase, creating a circle of love that helps propel the team forward. But ultimately, we wonder, does the strength of your fanbase increase your chances of winning?

As the Final Four wind their way to the championship, we look to social media for a clue on the tournament’s final outcome from the fans. Loyola-Chicago is killing it on social media with 34% of the share of voice, but best-in-class Kansas is a close second with 30%. While it’s difficult to predict who will play in the finals at the Alamodome, social media odds favor a Loyola-Chicago and Kansas head-to-head. This weekend, we and the rest of the country will see if our Cinderella gets to attend the “ball.”


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