The 2017 holiday season is in full swing and while we’re still in the midst of Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, we recently bid Small Business Saturday goodbye and before that, Green Friday and Black Friday.

Though Black Friday always falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, it dominates social media in a way that makes the occasion feel ubiquitous once November 1st rolls around. There’s no denying it, the sales and marketing holiday has a real impact on our lives, asking us to navigate busy parking lots, long retail lines, and clamor with the masses for can’t beat deals on the newest gadgets.

Black Friday is an intoxicating circus that we attend every year, often in sweatpants, well-fed and drunk with the hope of possibly finishing holiday shopping before the Thanksgiving weekend is over.

Seeing our mailbox overstuffed with the results of Black Friday’s brand and retail campaigns, we wondered which campaigns were successful in the eyes of social media? Who won (or lost) Black Friday 2017?

To answer these questions, we put searches into our media intelligence platform. Check out who came out ahead this year as compared to 2016.

Black Friday 2017 data infographic


And if you’re interested in seeing how your brand matches up in your industry, we can help.