Part of the joy of the winter holiday season is spending time with loved ones. Unfortunately, traveling to where your friends and family are can be beset with Odysseus-level mishaps. That’s why our latest infographic takes the pulse of air travel data during the holiday season.

We put searches in for the 10 busiest domestic airports and captured the top five with the most share of voice. It seems that even though Chicago’s O’Hare Airport had the second highest passenger load of all US airports, they ranked highest in positive sentiment. In contrast, Sea-Tac is ranked number 10 in domestic passenger load, but took up 15% of the share of voice during the same period and the associations weren’t good. A dive into the data indicates that weather-related delays on the west coast lead to social media complaints from stranded passengers. In this instance, “winning” share of voice wasn’t a social media win.

The computer glitch that allowed pilots to all request time-off the same week during the holidays prompted American Airlines to win the social share of voice among airlines for an almost-crisis reason. Without digging deeper into data, it would’ve appeared as if @AmericanAir was winning social media, even though their Twitter follower numbers are small compared to @SouthwestAir or @JetBlue who use social media to broadcast flash sale air ticket specials. And no flight would be complete without an in-flight beverage, so we benchmarked which ones passengers seemed to rely on to get them through their journey (not including water).

To round out the searches, we took a peek at the apps that travelers are using to lubricate their travel experiences, and it seems TripAdvisor’s community, where you can book travel and read reviews, handily wins the space. We also benchmarked the companies making an impact in the private jet industry because while in the midst of delays and missed connections, dreaming of a direct flight—leaving and arriving when you want—is a seasonal miracle we can get behind. Happy holidays!


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