Did you know that you can target your Facebook Page posts by gender, educational status, interested in, age, location and language? If not, read on to learn how you can target your posts to the people that would be most interested in seeing them.

How to Target your Facebook Page Posts

Go to your Facebook Page and click into the status box that says What have you been up to? – then click on the icon that looks like a target (see below).

After clicking on the target, you will see a link appear to Add Targeting. This is where you can choose gender, educational status, interested in, age, location and/or language. Directly to the right, you can see how many people your post will target.

Targeting your Facebook Page posts will ensure that you’re showing the right content to the right people – and maximizing your Facebook presence.

Use Cases for Targeting your Facebook Page Posts

  1. International brand with customers that speak multiple languages: Rather than having a separate Facebook page for each language your organization supports, you can use your primary Facebook page and the language targeting option to post the same content in several languages – and your fans will only see the post that corresponds to their preferred language setting on Facebook.
  2. Retail brand with both men’s and women’s clothing: If your Facebook page caters to two very different demographics, you can give each what they want with gender targeting: post women’s clothing to your female audience and men’s clothing to your male audience. You can even use age targeting to take this a step further if you carry clothes for different age groups. Combining multiple targeting methods is a great way to connect with exactly the right audience.
  3. Event marketing: Use location targeting to promote your next event to the people that are most likely to attend. For example, larger tradeshows will attract people from all over the country, while webinars may have attendees from around the world.

How will you use Facebook page post targeting?

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