There was no discussion of media, let alone content strategy during the medieval times. So it may come as a surprise that we have lots to learn from the Game of Thrones characters in terms of content strategy tips. PS. We promise not to reveal too many spoilers whilst doing so.

Listen as Lord Varys

Lord Varys takes on the role of message transmitter very seriously. We often see him keeping the King up to date and informed of the goings on in the Seven Kingdoms; and rightfully so. Listening is a skill every marketing professional should embrace if they are to build a successful content strategy. In modern times, a media intelligence tool replaces Lord Varys, allowing us to know the goings on in our Kingdom (aka market) first hand. Such tools enable us to stay abreast of public opinion, our image, our opponents and what is happening outside of our Kingdom. The arrival of digital media has brought indispensable information that can be used to inform our content strategy by drawing on such insights.

Repeat as Hodor

Do you remember the first name of the youngest member of the Stark family, or perhaps the Stannis clan? One thing is certain; the one we’ll never forget is Hodor. This is no coincidence. If we regularly repeat our content strategy message, there is a likelier chance that it will stick with our audience and spread. With this in mind, it’s important that we refrain from spamming our audience as this can do more harm to our content strategy than good. Listening tools enable us to insert our message into relevant conversations, therefore decreasing the chance of our audience feeling like we’re spamming them.

Mingle like Petyr Baelish

Some of us may have found ourselves in the same situation as Petyr Baelish. Sure our name may not be known and our wallet not necessarily full, but we have managed to achieve our goals through pure ambition! Petyr understands the logic of influencer relationships. By weaving partnerships with influencers we’re able to increase our content strategy message, reach and gain endorsement from those who are considered credible thought leaders. Such relationships greatly help in assisting us hit our content strategy goals.  As a consequence of all of the mingling and the building of partnerships, Lord Baelish has himself become very important. Let’s find our partners and do the same!

Adapt as Margaery

The land of social media is constantly changing and we have to adjust our content strategy accordingly. At King’s Landing, Margaery Tyrell repeatedly faces bumps in the road while having to face a hostile city alone, yet she has managed to build a strategy to support King’s Landing and get ahead by asserting influence. Our ability to adapt our content strategy is necessary to innovate and imperative to success. Be sure to keep up to date with trends and industry news to become an industry shaker rather than a follower.

Do not be as limited as Cersei

Let’s also learn from the mistakes of the characters in GoT, as well as from their successes. Queen Cersei has too much confidence in her power and money. [Spoiler Alert] Consequently, she saw the danger coming too late. Whilst a substantial budget allows us to gain visibility for our content strategy via paid media, that does not mean there is plenty of owned and earned media coming our way. These kinds of media greatly help content strategy success through an increase in awareness of our posts. Cersei has much to learn from Daenerys. Her storytelling was so strong that she reached her goals without putting her hand in her pocket. Westeros now speaks of the Mother of Dragons and city of slaves. As for Cersei, maybe she should pay more attention to PR and brand reputation considering the deterioration of her image [End spoiler].