New York Road Runners

Meltwater is really an invaluable tool. Whether it’s our coverage stream, the daily email, or the app on our phone, the platform does it all.

The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University uses Meltwater to monitor agricultural issues and more. We have expanded social research to other departments and topics such as animal health and food waste.

H&M Mexico

Our campaigns are based on market trends. We use Meltwater to evaluate what other leading brands are doing before deciding how to align ourselves to global trends and remain in the forefront.

Newman-Dailey Resort Properties

What Meltwater brings to the table is a superior media outreach and monitoring solution. With a dedicated support team, we are able to ensure we are meeting our goals and metrics every time.

Belize Tourism Board

Meltwater’s platform allows us to standardize our metrics across all of our events and initiatives. For example, we use one dashboard to measure all the PR efforts—digital and social—within our tourism industry. Making data easy to track and comprehend is what every tourism board dreams of, not just us.