Seventh-Day Adventist Church

The alerts I get from the Meltwater platform make a huge difference in my ability to act fast and appropriately. I use recaps from the dashboards and content streams to brief the regions and handle any situations that arise intelligently. I almost certainly wouldn’t be able to reply promptly otherwise.

Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau

Many times we need a report as soon as the communication is sent out, and Meltwater’s reporting is excellent for our purposes. The reach metric is huge for us.


Meltwater’s service team is critical to our success. After implementing the tool, they ensured the information was available to everyone, they were always close by when we needed them, and they showed us how to be more agile in following what is happening in the industries and topics that interest us most.

Santander Río Bank

Meltwater is fundamental to our success. It plays a key role in helping us respond to inaccurate or incomplete information before it acquires traction with the public.


Meltwater is a key tool to the strengthening of our communication. It’s not only because of all the built-in features that we use. It’s also due to the close relationships we have with the representatives at Meltwater.