Keller Williams Realty

With Meltwater I get the content in real time. I can see all the stories I want to see as they are published. I can also see how the key terms are pulled. It’s a complete thought leadership platform. And we couldn’t be happier with our new media relations capabilities. Keyword search is perfect for hyper-targeting the exact reporters that I need to talk to.

Seventh-Day Adventist Church

The alerts I get from the Meltwater platform make a huge difference in my ability to act fast and appropriately. I use recaps from the dashboards and content streams to brief the regions and handle any situations that arise intelligently. I almost certainly wouldn’t be able to reply promptly otherwise.

West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

The main attraction of Meltwater’s Social Influencers Platform is that it puts a wealth of social influencers right at my fingertips.

Visit Baton Rouge

Our marketing budgets are small, and we have to make sure we use every dollar wisely. Meltwater provides the statistics we need to show what our efforts are doing.

Santander Río Bank

Meltwater is fundamental to our success. It plays a key role in helping us respond to inaccurate or incomplete information before it acquires traction with the public.